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While the Lands of Fire, Water, Earth, Wind, and Lightning may hold the majority of military might in the shinobi world, many minor villages border these nations, with most having their own hidden villages that train their own shinobi. Between the Hidden Rain, Frost, Star, Stones, Waterfall, Valleys, Moon, Eddy, Grass, Dreams, Snow, and Steam Villages, each country has their own strength.

Other Village Genin[edit]

Name CR
Aoi 9

Other Village Chunin[edit]

Name CR
Fu (5e Creature) 8

Other Village Jonin[edit]

Name CR
Fu, Tailed Release (5e Creature) 9
Shinno (5e Creature) 13

Other Village Kage[edit]

Name CR
Konjiki (5e Creature) 9

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