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Greater Deity
Symbol: A Blazing Sun Above Sand Dunes
Home Plane: The Burning Wastelands
Alignment: NE
Portfolio: Desert Dwellers, Nature, Sand Elemental, Sandbenders, Earth, Earth Subtype Creatures, Fire, Fire Subtype Creatures, Life, Death, Magic, Supreme, Weather
Clergy Alignments: LN, N, CN, NE, LE
Domains: Earth Domain, Evil Domain, Fire Domain, Sand Domain[1], Summer Domain[2], Sun Domain, Thirst Domain[3]
Favored Weapon: Any Mace

Karura, also known as Mother of the Sands, and Goddess of The Burning Wastelands is the daughter of Azul[4]. She rules over the temperate and warm wastelands.


She loves signs of worship; Stone statues of her over looking over stone shelters in the wastelands, alters in desert caves, and offerings of gems and burning flames. She enjoys when her followers burn down forests to expand her territory, and incite rage in Ehlonna and her followers. Karura has a bitter relationship with Ehlonna, and have waged war on each other many times. She does not like when creatures try to convert her territory into lush forests or plains and will send her follower to destroy them. Theft from or destruction of her temples and alters is viewed as a declaration of war. And to aid her in this, she also created the Sand Elemental.

Clergy and Temples[edit]

Karura’s has temples that are built from stone and can be found in the temperate and warm wastelands. A large stone statue of her stands above the entrance. The interior lit by torches or some other type of flames. Inside a stone statue of Karura sits atop an alter decorated with gems. A bowl for offerings rests at her feet, and everburning torches light the halls of the alter room. In large or bigger temple there is often pools of pure spring water with Opuntia Cactus that produce Karura's Cactus Fruit. Clerics that live in these temples cultivate them and sell them to explores. Other Clerics of Karura travel the wastes, seeking those who defile her territory. Often her followers can been found on the borders of the wastes burning the forests to expand her territory. Fights between her followers and followers of Ehlonna are a common occurrence. Only those who travel and live in harmony with the wastelands are accepted, and can sometimes receive assistance from her followers.


Against “Stronger” creatures, Karura uses her Silent Divine Ability Call Creatures: Sand Elemental to summon 16 Huge Sand Elementals. Then she will use her sandbender techniques.


Attuned Sand x60, Belt of Great Prowess, Cloth Wrappings of Wholeness, Corset of Holding, Boots of Swiftness, Bracers of Relentless Might, Cloak of Epic Charisma, Gloves of Epic Dexterity , Periapt of Epic Wisdom , Infinite Gourd of Sand, Ring of Universal Energy Immunity, Ring of Weaponbreaking, +12 Everdancing Platinum Heavy Mace



CR 56

Female Outsider Outsider 20/ Sandbender 30
NE Medium humanoid ( Outsider)
Divine Rank 16
Init/Senses +18/ Darkvision 60 ft, Clearsight 120 ft, Extra Sense Enhancement : Sight for 16 Miles ignoring sand and can penetrate 160 feet of a physical barrier, remote sensing, portfolio sense; Listen +86, Spot +86
Aura Divine
Languages Common, Terran, Ignan, Goblin, Undercommon, communication, remote communication
AC 86, touch 57, flat-footed 71; SRD:Battlesense (Divine Ability), Living Berrier Strength check or Reflex save DC of 58
(+16 Divine, +15(6) Dex, +29 natural, +10 (4) deflection, +16 Living Shield)
hp 515 (70 HD); DR 30/epic
Immune Acid, Cold, Electricity, Fire, Sonic , transmutation effects from others, energy drain, ability drain, ability damage, mind-affecting effects, disease, poison, stunning, sleep effects, paralysis, death effects, disintegration, Imprisonment effects, Banishment Effects, divine auras of deities of rank 16 or less, death from massive damage
SR/Resist 68/no natural 1 automatic failure
Fort/Ref/Will +50/+54/+59
Speed 120 ft. (24 squares, Boots of Swiftness); -
Melee +97/+92/+87/+82 with +12 Everdancing Platinum Heavy Mace for 1d8+46 damage or
Melee +83/+78/+73/+68 Dry Hands Touch attack for 2d6+17 damage,
Base Atk/Grp +51/+51
Atk Options no natural 1 automatic failure
Special Actions Always Maximized Rolls, block sensing, automatic actions, divine aura, remote communication, godly realm
Spell-Like Abilities (CL 16th, 36 + Spell Level to Overcome SR):
At will—greater teleport (CL 20th, self plus 1600 pounds of objects), Plane Shift (CL 20th, self plus 1600 pounds of objects)
Abilities Str 36 (18), Dex 40 (22), Con 33 (15), Int 19, Wis 44 (32), Cha 30 (18)
SQ Darkvision 60 ft., +16 divine on ability checks, immortality, create magic items, grant spells
Salient Divine Abilities Alter Form, Alter Size, Battlesense , Call Creatures: Sand Elemental, Control Creatures: Sand Elemental, Clearsight, Divine Earth Mastery, Divine Fire Mastery, Divine Inspiration, Extra Domain: Earth Domain, Extra Domain: Fire Domain, Extra Sense Enhancement : Sight for 16 Miles ignoring sand and can penetrate 160 feet of a physical barrier, Gift Of Life, Hand Of Death, Increased Spell Resistance, Lay Curse, Life And Death, Power Of Nature, Shapechange, Speak With Creatures: Elementals, True Shapechange
Feats Proficient with all simple and martial weapons, Advanced Natural Techniques , Combat Reflexes, Combat Expertise, Great Dexterity x5 , Great Strength x5, Hold the Line, Improved Disarm, Improved Initiative, Improved Technique Forming , King Multi-Tasker, All Is One, Dry Hands, Attuned Sand, Speedy Sand 60', Techniques Known, Supreme Concentration, Greater Control, Natural Techniques, Living Shield x8, Sun Sand x2, Storm Sand x2, Hands of Drought x2, All is One, Greater Control
Skills Appraise +43, Balance +78, Bluff +43, Concentration +86, Craft (Jeweller) +58, Disguise +60, Hide +61, Intimidate+53, Listen +86, Profession (Sculpture) +63, Move Silently +61, Knowledge (the planes) +43, Search +43, Sense Motive +46, Spot +86, Tumble +64
Always Maximized Rolls (Ex) Karura automatically get the best result possible on any check, saving throw, attack roll, or damage roll. Calculate success, failure, or other effects accordingly. When Karura makes a check, attack, or save assume a 20 was rolled and calculate success or failure from there. A d20 should still be rolled and used to check for a threat of a critical hit. This quality means that Karura never need the Maximize Spell feat, because their spells have maximum effect already.
Immortality Karura is naturally immortal and cannot die from natural causes. She does not age, and does not need to eat, sleep, or breathe. She is not subject to death from massive damage.
Senses Karura's senses extend in a 5-mile radius.
Remote Sensing As a standard action, Karura can perceive everything within a 5-mile radius around any of her worshipers, holy sites, or other objects or locales sacred to the Karura. This effect can also be centered on any place where someone speaks Karura’s name or title for up to 1 hour after the name/title is spoken, and at any location when an event related to her portfolio occurs. Karura's remote sensing can cross planes and penetrate any barrier except a Divine Shield or an area otherwise blocked by a deity of 16 or higher rank. Remote sensing is not fooled by misdirection or nondetection or similar spells, and it does not create a magical sensor that other creatures can detect. Karura can extend her senses to two remote locations at once and still sense what’s going on nearby. Once Karura chooses a remote location to sense, she automatically receives sensory information from that location until she chooses a new location to sense, or until she can’t sense the location.
Block Sensing As a standard action, Karura can block the sensing ability of other rank 16 or less deities. This power extends for a 5-mile radius, or within the same distance around a temple or other locale sacred to the Karura, or the same distance around a portfolio-related event. Karura can block two remote locations at once, plus the area within one mile of herself. The blockage lasts 5 hours.
Portfolio Sense Karura automatically senses any event that involves one thousand or more people with regard to her portfolio. The ability is limited to the present. When Karura senses an event, she merely knows that the event is occurring and where it is. Karura receives no sensory information about the event. Once Karura notices an event, she can use her remote sensing power to perceive the event.
Automatic Actions When performing an action within her portfolio, Karura can perform any action as a free action, as long as the check DC is equal to or less than 15. Karura can perform 2 such free actions each round.
Create Magic Items Karura can create magic items related to her portfolio without any requisite item creation feat, provided that she possesses all other prerequisites for the item. The maximum item value Karura can create is unlimited. The item’s cost and creation time remain unchanged, but Karura is free to undertake any activity when not laboring on the item. If Karura has the item creation feat pertaining to the item she wishes to create, the cost (in gold and XP) and creation times are halved.
Divine Aura (Ex) Karura has an aura that effects mortals and deities of rank 16 or less. They can resist the aura’s effects with successful Will saves; the DC is 36. She is immune to the auras of deities of rank 16 and lower. Any being who makes a successful saving throw against a Karura’s aura power becomes immune to that her aura power for one day. Divine aura is an emanation that extends around Karura in a 16 mile radius. Karura chooses the size of the radius and can change it as a free action. If Karura chooses a radius of 0 feet, her aura power effectively becomes non-functional. When Karura's and one or more deities’ auras cover the same area, only the aura that belongs to the deity with the highest rank functions. If divine ranks are equal, the auras coexist. Karura can make her own worshipers, beings of her own alignment, or both types of individuals immune to the effect as a free action. The immunity lasts one day or until Karura dismisses it. Once affected by an aura power, creatures remain affected as long as they remain within the aura’s radius. Karura can choose from the following effects each round as a free action. Daze: affected beings are dazed. Fright: affected beings become shaken. The merest glance or gesture from Karura makes them frightened. Resolve: Karura’s allies receive a +4 morale bonus on attack rolls, saves, and checks, while the Karura’s foes receive a –4 morale penalty on attack rolls, saves, and checks.
Grant Spells Karura automatically grants spells and domain powers to mortal divine spellcasters who pray to her. Karura can grant spells from the cleric spell list, the ranger spell list, and from the Earth Domain, Evil Domain, Fire Domain, Sand Domain[5], Summer Domain[6], Sun Domain, Thirst Domain[7]. Karura can withhold spells from any particular mortal as a free action; once a spell has been granted, it remains in the mortal’s mind until expended.
Communication Karura can understand, speak, and read any language, including nonverbal languages. Karura can speak directly to any beings within five miles of herself.
Remote Communication As a standard action, Karura can send a communication to a remote location. Karura can speak to any of her own worshipers, and to anyone within sixteen miles from a site dedicated to her, or within sixteen miles from a statue or other likeness of Karura. The creature being contacted can receive a telepathic message that only it can hear. Alternatively, Karura’s voice can seem to issue from the air, the ground, or from some object of the her choosing (but not an object or locale dedicated to another deity of rank 16 or higher). In the latter case, anyone within earshot of the sound can hear it. Karura can send a manifestation or omen instead of a spoken or telepathic message. Karura’s communication power can cross planes and penetrate any barrier. Once communication is initiated, Karura can continue communicating as a free action until she decides to end the communication. Karura can carry on 20 remote communications at one time.
Godly Realm Karura home plane is The Burning Wastelands.Karura has at least modest control over the environment within its realm, controlling the temperature and minor elements of the environment. The radius of this control is 100 miles. Within this area, Karura can set any temperature that is normal for the plane, and fill the area with scents and sounds as Karura sees fit. Sounds can be no louder than one hundred humans could make, but not harmful sound. Karura’s ability to create scents is similar. Karura can erect buildings as desired and alter terrain within ten miles to become any terrain type found on the Material Plane. Karura not only has control over the environment, but also controls links to the Astral Plane. Manipulating a realm’s astral links renders teleportation and similar effects useless within the realm. Karura can designate certain locales within the realm where astral links remain intact. Likewise, Karura can block off the realm from planar portals or designate locations where portals are possible. Karura can also apply the enhanced magic or impeded magic trait to up to four groups of spells (schools, domains, or spells with the same descriptor). The enhanced magic trait enables a metamagic feat to be applied to a group of spells without requiring higher-level spell slots. Karura apply the enhanced magic trait to her domain spells, making them maximized (as the Maximize Spell feat) within the boundaries of their realm. The impeded magic trait doesn’t affect Karura’s spells and spell-like abilities. Karura can also change or apply a time trait within the realm. Once Karura sets the conditions in its realm, they are permanent, though Karura can change them. As a standard action, Karura can specify a new environmental condition. The change gradually takes effect over the next 10 minutes. Changing astral links, planar traits, or terrain requires more effort, and Karura must labor for a year and a day to change them. During this time, Karura must spend 8 hours a day on the project. During the remaining 16 hours of each day, Karura can perform any action it desires, so long as it remains within the realm. The astral links, planar traits, and terrain remain unchanged until the labor is complete.
King Multi-Tasker: Karura is so skilled at multi-tasking (seeing as a sandbender needs to control thousands of individual grains at once) that instead of being a Con based skill, Concentration is a Wis based skill. This means she adds her Wis modifier to her Concentration for Concentration checks.
Dry Hands (Su): Karura has the ability to absorb the liquid in objects. This is normally used to create attuned sand by absorbing the water in dirt until it becomes sand. But this may optionally be used as a touch attack to deal 2d6 damage to anything that may have water absorbed from it.
Attuned Sand (Su): Karura always carries 52 cubic feet of attuned sand. This is sand made by a sandbender by using Dry Hands on dirt for 1d3 minutes or on sand for fifteen seconds. This process creates a cubic foot of sand (roughly 100 pounds of sand). Karura may have 52 cubic feet of attuned sand at any given time. Any additional attuned sand made causes the oldest attuned sand to revert to normal sand. Because of the length of details that are required for describing the uses of attuned sand, it has been made into a wondrous item with its own page. Follow this link to learn more about it.

When Karura attempts to use a technique she should ensure the proper amount of attuned sand is within the range of the technique. It is assumed when a technique ends all the attuned sand returns to Karura.

Speedy Sand: Karura may move each individual cubic foot of sand at the speed of 60' per round.
Yin Seal: Karura has the ability to store up to 300 technique points at a time. Points may only be stored while out of battle. These points remain unused until Karura wishes to use them. When points are stored this way a designated spot on Karura appears a small diamond shaped tattoo. This tattoo disappears if no points are being stored.
Techniques Known: Karura knows all the techniques from the list below. Save DC's are based on wisdom.

1st—Particle Field, Sand Balls, Sand Gourd, Sand Hand, Whispering Sand, Sand Armor

2nd—Sand Needle, Sand Replica, Desert Rain, Sand Spikes

3rd—Third Eye (Sand), Desert Coffin, Desert Funeral, Orb of Storming Sands, Sand Leech

4th—Desert Cocoon, Particle Search, Desert Walking, Flying Sand

5th—Quicksand, Dust Devil, Sand Wall, Heart-Stopper Dust

6th—Fech Fech, Sand Prison, Omnipresence of the Desert King

7th—Mass Desert Funeral, Greater Desert Cocoon, Puppeteer Cloud

8th—Sandstorm, Sand Axe, Pharaoh's Hand

9th—Sand Tsunami, Desert Meteor, Dust to Dust

Supreme Concentration: Karura may always take 10 on concentration checks in any circumstance.
Natural Techniques: Karura has such an affinity for manipulating attuned sand that she has gained some natural abilities. They are listed below.
Living Shield (Ex): Due to their low natural defences, sandbenders have learned to give some of their attuned sand a limited sentience with the sole goal of protecting the sandbender. The sandbender permanently loses control of 1 cubic foot of sand meaning it can no longer be used for techniques (but still counts against the amount of attuned sand the sandbender may have) but in return the sandbender gains a permanent +2 to touch and normal AC and +1 to Reflex save. This sand is no longer magical but instead could be considered almost a creature. This new sand will remain invisible until something attempts to harm the sandbender in which case it moves in the way of the incoming attack, blocking it.
  • This may be taken additional times, each additional time using another cubic foot of sand and giving another +2 to touch and normal AC and +1 to Reflex save.
Hands of Drought (Su): The sandbender's Dry Hands now deals 1d10 damage when used as a touch attack instead of the normal 1d8. Also, the sandbender may create attuned sand in 30 seconds. This greater ability to absorb liquids grants the sandbender the ability to absorb up to 100 gallons of pure water a day (about 13.5 cubic feet) at a rate of 1 gallon a second. Also, the sandbender may pull the moisture out of the air, giving him the same amount of water as a small glass for every minute. This is a free action and can be used as an alternate source of getting water.
  • Taking this ability again increases the damage on Dry Hands further to 2d6 and can create attuned sand as a standard action. Increases the amount of water that may be absorbed per day to 200 gallons of pure water a day (about 27 cubic feet) at a rate of 2 gallons a second. Also, the sandbender may pull the moisture out of the air and condense it in its hands allowing others to have access to it at a rate of 1 small glass of water per minute (at will).
All Is One (Su): Each singular particle of attuned sand becomes an extension of the sandbender itself. As such, the sandbender may deliver its dry hands touch attack through its attuned sand using the sandbender's base attack bonus and expending a standard action. Any creature already grappled or covered in attuned sand may not dodge the attack. Also, the sandbender has threat in all areas adjacent to a cubic foot of its attuned sand.
Sun Sand (Ex): The attuned sand of the sandbender is now resistant to heat. All of the sandbender's attuned sand is immune to fire and thus cannot be made into glass by taking fire damage as well as is able to provide shelter from extreme heat.
  • Taking this ability again gives the sandbender the ability to super heat its attuned sand through slow, intense friction. Doing so is a full round action but may superheat any amount of attuned sand. Super heated sand glows white, providing illumination in a 10' radius from a single cubic foot of sand, and deals 1d4 fire damage each round to those who are in contact with it. This sand may not cause fires. Superheating the attuned sand is considered a supernatural ability.
Storm Sand (Ex): No longer becoming glass due to electrical current, electricity is changed from weakness to power. Your attuned sand may store electricity it comes into contact with, giving each cubic foot of sand that comes into contact with spells or creatures with the electricity subtype (or lightning) a charge that deals 1d8 damage to the next creature that touches it. A DC 15 Spot check may notice small electric bolts jumping on charged sand occasionally but the sandbender always knows what sand is charged and what isn't.
  • Taking this ability again takes friction to a whole new level. By moving attuned sand extraordinarily quickly, the sandbender may charge its attuned sand automatically, providing all of it the 1d8 damage when it next comes into contact with something. This is a full round action but may be done to any amount of attuned sand. Charging the attuned sand is considered a supernatural ability.
Greater Control: Every 10 levels in the sandbender class, Karura chosen greater abilities listed below.
Living Barrier (Ex): The sentient sand evolves to a whole new level, giving even greater protection to the sandbender. An enemy that wishes to move within 5' of the sandbender must succeed on a DC 10 + Wisdom Modifier + 1/2 technician level Strength check or Reflex save to break through or avoid the protective sand. A creature that fails the check may not move adjacent as it is blocked (meaning they were touched by the attuned sand) and those that fail by 10 or more are pushed back 5 feet. Also, the sand will provide shelter from area of effect attacks giving the sandbender the Improved Evasion feat while the living barrier is still in effect.
Embodiment of the Desert (Su): Dry Hands now deals 2d6 + Wisdom modifier damage. Karura may change the terrain of a 10' radius area into 10' deep sand anywhere within 55 feet by placing its hands on the ground as a full round action. Any creatures of size medium or less within the radius of the sand sink to their waist and must take a full round to get out of the sand. The area of sand is considered difficult terrain. Also, Karura may spontaneously create 4 cubic feet of attuned sand that lasts for one round and does not apply to its normal attuned sand limit anywhere within 20 feet as a swift action a number of 34 times per day.
Additionally, the sandbender may create 1 small glass worth of water by pulling the moisture out of the air in 18 seconds at will.
Wielder of the Red Sands: Karura’s attuned sand now has such water absorptive properties that it can absorb the blood of creatures right out of their bodies by being in contact with them. As such, Karura’s attuned sand has a dark red appearance as it is stained the color of the blood is absorbs. It also has the property to move through the blood vessels of a body.

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