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Control Creatures

Benefit: The deity can command some kind of creature as noted in the deity’s description. This ability is similar to the dominate monster spell, but it is not a mind-affecting ability (the deity seizes direct control over the creature’s body). Each day the deity can attempt to control a number of creature equal to its divine rank. The deity can attempt to take control of that number all at once, or in smaller numbers. All creatures to be affected must be within the deity’s line of sight when first affected. Once control is established, distance is not a factor and the deity can maintain control remotely, even across planes and through wards or barriers (except divine shields and warding spells cast by deities of higher rank than the deity using the ability). The subject is allowed a Will save (DC 10 + the deity’s rank + the deity’s Charisma modifier) to resist and is allowed a new save if the deity commands the subject to do something against its nature.

At any given time, the deity cannot have more creatures under its control than 10 times its divine rank. If the deity already has the maximum number of creatures under its control, it can still attempt to take control of other creatures, but must first release one or more creatures already under its control.

Notes: A deity can have this ability multiple times, choosing a different kind of creature each time.

Suggested Portfolio Elements: Any.

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