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Karura's Cactus Fruit: Grown on the Opuntia Cactus, the Karura's Cactus Fruit is a great source of nourishment and moisture. Each one provides a full days’ worth of nourishment, water and cures dehydration, Nauseated and Sickened . Eating it also grants the eater the effects of the Endure Elements spell.

It is only found in temples of Karura that have springs of pure water in them. Growing them takes a skill check Profession: Farming DC 10. Each Opuntia produces 3 Karura's Cactus Fruit in just 1 day, but does not grow new one until they have been picked. Once picked, they only last for 1 week until they spoil and lose all their effects. They are normally maintained and harvested by temple clerics to be sold. A follower of Karura is normally given a 50% discount after they have paid homage. If they are attempted to be grown outside the temple, they do not produce any fruit.

Weak abjuration;CL -; Profession: Farming; Cost see text; Weight: 1 lb.; Market Price: 80gp each

Opuntia growing Cactus Fruit

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