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Deva Mute[edit]

One of the four great nations that divides Ezers Rhaime. Of the four, Deva Mute is generally considered the most culturally sophisticated (even grudgingly, by its neighbors) and arguably the most technologically advanced.

Region: Ezers Rhaime
Government: Parliamentary monarchy. Currently headed by Faktum Queen Kasimira Stefanija vor Radtimmir.
Defense: Once comfortably the most powerful military force in the Ezers Rhaime. But due to factionalization and the dilution of forces being employed to attended to an increasing number of internal problems, that delineation is now highly contested. Nonetheless, the standing forces of the Deva Mute armies are considerable in number, well trained, and very well armed.
Commerce: While a major Ezers Rhaime agricultural and industrial power, Deva Mute is easily eclipsed by Noreig and Vogeldor (respectively). Deva Mute's true power and wealth stems largely from its commercial supremacy. Seated at the world's largest city and one of the four most prodigious concentrations of wealth on the continent, Old Orris.


Deva Mute cities (and other urban location) include:


Typical of Ezers Rhaime, with the addition of a distinguishing buckled waistcoat vest that closes at the throat. Worn by both sexes, and particularly by upper and middle class city inhabitants. In rural Deva Mute environments its not uncommon to see a belted leather apron, particularly for those who need to carry a variety of tools. The functional soutane worn throughout Ezers Rhaime is supplemented (and for the wealthy, almost entirely replaced) with the fitted chamber coat. The archetypal Deva Mute chamber coat is a high necked, front and side closing (D-ring buckles, or two rows of button), often in fine leather or silk. Usually cut to mid-thigh length, though (particularly for women), it is not uncommon to see floor length chamber coats.

Heavy chokers, often with a pendant attached, are worn by both sexes.

Conversely, soldiers and workmen of Deva Mute favor a regionally distinct buckled trench coat.

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