Bormas (Sanctuary's Lot Supplement)

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Easily the second most important city in the Deva Mute kingdom.

Humans have been skulking about the pre-visitation ruins since Sanctuary's purge. There is good evidence that some small groups waited out the Visitation itself cowering in the city's underground vaults. As a (relatively) well-preserved example of pre-visitation ruins, Bormas has been a load-stone for scholarly study for more than a millennia.


Region: Ezers Rhaime
Population: 4,400
Government: An elected town council rules with a chairman appointed by the Queen.
Defense: A mixture of privately funded guards and a contingent of the Deva Mute army.
Commerce: With trade guilds, well-established manufactory, and a very large number of colleges, the thrust of Bormas's economy is maintaing academia and technology derived from it. All basic supplies are available in addition to a wealth of knowledge and literature. Additionally, most newer firearms can be purchased here
Organizations: Unofficially, power in Bormas is divided between the Clamateriat (firearm manufacturer's guild) and the Soler Achedemic society.

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