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A devout monarchy controlled by The Illuster Sacellum who have made their worship of Rune the state religion. These days, Vogeldor could almost be described as a theocracy. Visitors will find its territories awash with churches, forts, shrines, and and border posts. Vogeldor’s main economic features are mining and manufacturing. The country relies heavily on trade with its eastern neighbor, Tal Staltstin.

Region: Ezers Rhaime
Government: Divinely endorsed monarchy.
Defense: While its armies and artillery are of the highest quality, they are few in number. It was the military disparity between Vogeldor and its neighbors (particularly the smaller city-state, Tarannalla) that lead its government to pursue a close alliance with the Illuster Sacellum in hopes of adding the militant Illuster Cantorum to its forces. A century and a half later has found the
Commerce: The major industrial power in Ezers Rhaime. Factory towns form hubs from which mining and logging communities radiate. Increasingly poor relations with other Ezers Rhaime nations has forced Vogeldor to direct a majority of its trade outside of the area. Specifically with Tal Staltstin, with whom they have become increasingly dependant upon.

Vogeldor’s cities and settlements include:

  • Domus Mund The burning city, capitol of Rune’s church in Ezers Rhaime.
  • Domus Lorikatt Home of the Illuster Cantorum and the main garrison for their order.
  • Nue Thea

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