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An agrarian republic the controls a long, relatively narrow strip of land running east to west which defines most of the southernmost border between Ezers Rhaime and Pristin. Between the republic’s possession of such a large stretch of arable land and control of all trade with Pristin (the breadbasket of Occasian Torrumn), Noreig’s agricultural commerce is unrivaled in Ezers Rhaime.

Currently in the midst of an ongoing religious conflict between several faiths. The senate, by and large, has placed significant blame for this conflict on the Illuster Cantorum, and not unduly so. This in turn has put Noreig at odds with Vogeldor, historically a close ally.

Region: Ezers Rhaime
Government: Directorial republic.
Defense: Noreig’s distinguished cavalry is the centerpiece of its military. But with considerably less well maintained munitions than Deva Mute and Vogeldor, would put the republic at a serious strategic disadvantage. Fortunately, Noreig has always been able to draw on multitudes of Pristin mercenaries to bolster its ranks.
Commerce: Mostly agriculture. Which The Noreig Republic dominates in Ezers Rhaime.

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