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Ezers Rhaime[edit]

The Ezers Rhaime (or “The Lakes Region”) is the massive heart of the northern Occasian Torrumn portion of the Torrumn super-continent. This mountainous, pine-covered, river abundant region boasts the continent’s four largest great lakes lakes. The shores of these lakes include the territories of four significant nation-states (Deva Mute, Noreig, Tarannalla, Vogeldor) and several city-states.


Control of The region is currently divided amongst four dominant nations:

Cities in the Ezers Rhaime include the seat of several major religions, industrial centers, and Old Orris, the largest city in the world.


Apparel in Ezers Rhaime varies by nation, city, social station, and personal tastes, but certain trends typify the lakes region over neighboring locations.

Cold weather, high winds, frequent rain, and the necessity for frequent travel, conspire to adorn the people of Ezers Rhaime in heavy clothing. The preference most frequently is layered garments with different coverage worn under a long coat called a soutane. The soutane itself is a long (not infrequently ankle length), relatively thin coat with a short, upturned collar. Worn to help keep the rain off of its wearer, some versions of the soutane are sleeveless and worn with a hooded jacket.

High leather boots and thick stockings are fundamental due to the often damp weather and rugged terrain. Likewise, it is rare to see someone not wearing a long wool or knit scarf.

After their long coats, what Ezers Rhaimenni wear on their heads does much to define the distinctive look of its inhabitants. Headwear, as such includes bandanas, headscarves, hoods (as a separate garment as well as part of a jacket or coat, short-caps, long stocking caps, and, particularly, a variety of low, wide-brimmed hats. Layered just like other garments worn here, it would not be out of place, for instance to see a traveler wearing a short cap with a chin strap under a loose hood, and over a much thinner hood attached to his jacket.

On bodily adjustment: tattoos are quite common at all social tiers (though more so in Tarannalla and Deva Mute and less so in Noreig). Piercings are prevalent amongst both sexes, and currently very much in vogue in Deva Mute.

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