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A highly militant, bureaucratic, meritocracy; Tarannalla sits on the far eastern shore of Auk Seeklis Lake. The city-state is governed by the Tarannalla Directorate, an organization of the most brilliant scholars, military leaders, church officials, and experienced magicians. Tarannalla has been an aggressive power for most of its history (often in reaction to or retaliation of other nearby nations). It’s only recently the Directorate has seriously set its sights on expansion through conquest.


Region: Ezers Rhaime
Population: 22,000
Government: All decisions that affect the city-state are made by the Tarannalla Directorate.
Defense: One of the most disciplined and well-armed military outfits in the region supported by several auxiliary armies and a significant militia. All of which have seen considerable fighting in the last three decades.
Commerce: As the main stopover into (and out of) Ezers Rhaime from the east and northeast coast regions, Tarannalla is one of the five largest trade centers for the region. Nearly all trade and luxury goods can be purchased here. It is worth noting, that while most other major cities in the region have notable gray and black markets, Tarannalla alone has essentially eliminated all illicit trade behind its walls.
Organizations: None outside of the Tarannalla Directorate’s sanction. Any competitors or enemies of the Directorate’s goals have long since joined the council or been eradicated.

Cities and towns governed by the Tarannalla government include:

  • Kiv Revitt

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