Old Orris (Sanctuary's Lot Supplement)

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Old Orris[edit]

Capitol of the nation Deva Mute, Old Orris is the largest city in the Ezers Rhaime and one of the largest cities in the world.

A massive lake shore metropolis built over two entrances to the river Thurling where they empty into Auk Seeklis Lake.

Old Orris

Region: Ezers Rhaime
Population: 48,000.
Government: Parliamentary monarchy.
Defense: A well established military, mostly infantry, supported by privately enlisted (and funded) escorts, and a modest militia.
Commerce: As the largest trade hub in entire region and a one of the most substantial concentrations of wealth in the world, few goods and services cannot be found here. Even legally proscribed commerce can be accessed through the particular channels.
Organizations: Powerful trade guilds (many of whom are headquartered here) hold sway. All major churches are well-represented. Additionally, countless magical schools, secret societies, and educational communities abound.

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