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Little Tuta[edit]

One of many tiny fishing villages radiating from Bormas, Little Tuta typifies the scanty littoral communities that characterize life for the hoi polloi in Ezers Rhaime. Unusual only in that the entire population is composed of lakemen (and even that is not so rare in isolated lake shore populations in this area).

Little Tuta

Region: Ezers Rhaime
Population: 89
Government: Designated Selectmen and elected officers. Like most villages this size, the local “government” is typically limited to five individuals. All but the First Selectman have other occupations.
Defense: One of the officers holds the title of constable, who will deputize others as needed. otherwise, the village relies on a citizen militia or constabulary drawn for Bormas itself.
Commerce: Basic supplies are available from the single trading post.
Organizations: The spiritual needs of Little Tuta are met by a reverend of the First Advent Church who lives apart from the others on a tiny nearby island.

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