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Alterations only function while the character is Transformed. These abilities supplement the Grim Transformation class ability. An Alteration can only be taken as an Imbued Body if all prerequisite Alterations have been gained as Imbued Bodies.

Name Prerequisite(s) Summary
Aura of Darkness
Aura of Lies The grim radiates an aura that conceals the truth.
Aura of Silence
Aura of Unease, Epic Epic
Aura of Unease, Greater None
Bestial Body None
Constitution Boon None
Constitution Boon, Greater Epic
Constitution Boon, Improved
Dexterity Boon None
Dexterity Boon, Greater Epic
Dexterity Boon, Improved
Elemental Attack
Elemental Body
Energy Resistance None
Fast Movement None
Fortitude Boon None
Fortitude Boon, Greater Epic
Fortitude Boon, Improved
Golden Body Epic
Great Form
Grim Sight, Greater
Leaps and Bounds
Lucent Body, Greater
Lucent Fortification
Lucent Fortification, Greater Epic
Lucent Fortification, Improved
Platinum Body Epic
Reflex Boon None
Reflex Boon, Greater Epic
Reflex Boon, Improved
Saiyan Transformations
Silver Body Epic
Stalwart Body None
Stalwart Body, Greater Epic
Stalwart Body, Improved
Strength Boon None
Strength Boon, Greater Epic
Strength Boon, Improved
Temporal Focus Epic
Uncanny Dodge None
Uncanny Dodge, Improved He can no longer be flanked.
Vigorous Healing None
Vigorous Healing, Greater Epic
Vigorous Healing, Improved
Vigorous Regeneration Epic
Will Boon None
Will Boon, Greater Epic
Will Boon, Improved

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