Aura of Unease, Epic (Grim Alteration)

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His Aura of Unease extends to a 60 foot radius. Affects other creatures.

Epic Aura of Unease [Epic]

As he Transformed, his eyes gleamed with menace. All who stood before him felt a chill touch run to their souls. Fear had gripped them.

Prerequisite: Greater Aura of Unease, Epic
Description: While Transformed, his Aura of Unease extends to a 60 foot radius around him and affects any creature of his HD or lower that he chooses.
Special: This ability replaces the aura gained by Aura of Unease, Greater (Grim Alteration). This aura can be suppressed. He may choose to individually null the affect on any target he is aware of (typically his allies), or only directly target individuals (a thief in a crowded market for example).

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