Vigorous Regeneration (Grim Alteration)

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Regeneration 5.

Vigorous Regeneration [Epic]

He picked up his arm off the floor, held it to his bleeding shoulder. He was whole again.

Prerequisite: Vigorous Healing, Improved Vigorous Healing, Greater Vigorous Healing, Epic
Description: While Transformed, he gains Regeneration 5. Damage dealt to him is treated as nonlethal damage. He automatically heals nonlethal damage at a rate of 5 per round. force effects (such as magic missile) and sonic effects deal him normal damage. If he loses a limb or body part, the lost portion regrows by taking a full minute while Transformed (in which he must stay Transformed and take no other action than move actions). The grim can reattach a severed member by holding it to the stump as a standard action.
Special: This Alteration replaces the bonus granted by Vigorous Healing (Grim Alteration), Vigorous Healing, Improved (Grim Alteration) and Vigorous Healing, Greater (Grim Alteration).

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