Silver Body (Grim Alteration)

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The grim gains several benefits and abilities.

Silver Body [Epic]

As the man began to lift himself back up from the ground, something happened. He began to glow, and his eye's seemed to turn to solid orbs of silver. The world slowed down for a moment, and then he moved. The air warping around him as he did. He passed so close to me as he ripped forward, tearing through figures without mercy. I can still remember seeing my own face reflected in that man's eyes. For some reason that day he let me live, he killed everyone, but not me. He spared me.

Prerequisite: Stalwart Body, Improved Stalwart Body, Greater Stalwart Body, Fast Movement, Temporal Focus, Epic
Description: The grim gains the following abilities:

Special: If the grim has either Golden Body or Platinum Body, he cannot take this Alteration.

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