Golden Body (Grim Alteration)

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The grim gains several benefits and abilities.

Golden Body [Epic]

The man stood there, his form smothered in black, tar filled smoke, and then a blinding, golden light sprang forth from where the man was standing, it was too bright to even look at. It was then that we heard it, an insane laugh echoing from within the smoke. The light moved, nothing more than a streak of gold as it flew through the air around us. No one could so much as come close to touching it as it tore through our ranks. Blood appeared to fall in slow motion as the insane laughter continued. We could never have dreamed of stopping him. Never.

Prerequisite: Dexterity Boon, Improved Dexterity Boon, Wings, Fast Movement, Temporal Focus, Vigorous Healing, Improved Vigorous Healing, Greater Vigorous Healing, Epic
Description: The grim gains the following abilities:

  • The fly speed bonus granted by his Wings increases by 50 feet. His maneuverability increases to perfect regardless of his Dexterity.
  • +8 dodge bonus to AC.
  • Spell resistance equal to his HD+10
  • Blinding Light (Su): Any target adjacent to him must make a Fortitude save (DC 10 + 0.5 ½ his grim levels + his Wis bonus) or become blinded permanently as he glows incredibly brightly.

Special: If the grim has either the Platinum Body or Silver Body Alterations, he cannot take this Alteration.

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