Wings (Grim Alteration)

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The grim grows a pair of wings, enabling him to fly.


With a burst of light, a grand pair of gray and silver wings burst open wide from his back. He took to the air, flying after the white dragon.

Prerequisite: Dexterity Boon, Improved Dexterity Boon
Description: The grim grows a pair of wings from his back. The appearance of this wings is of his choice. These wings enable him to fly with a maneuverability and speed based on his Dexterity.

Table: Flight Skill
Dexterity Maneuverability Speed
1 - 10 Clumsy Same as base land speed
11 - 14 Poor Base land speed +10
15 - 18 Average Base land speed +20
19 - 20 Good Base land speed +40
21 + Perfect Base land speed +60

Special: A grim with wings or extraordinary flight from some other source may take this Alteration to improve his speed or maneuverability as applicable.

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