Aura of Darkness (Grim Alteration)

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The grim may radiate an aura of darkness instead of light.

Aura of Darkness

The world around us grew darker. The sunlight streaming in through the windows dimmed as though the sun was fading, we tried to light a torch, but it too faded into nothingness.

Prerequisite: Spot 10 ranks.
Description: While Transformed, the grim's lucent glow fades to darkness. His Aura of Unease suppresses light. Hide checks made within the radius of the Aura of Unease gain a +5 circumstance bonus. If the Hiding creature exits the Aura of Darkness, the bonus is lost. The grim or those with a true seeing effect ignore the Aura of Darkness.
Special: This feature of the grim's Aura of Unease can be suppressed at will.

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