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About Me
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XX Solar Cycles Old, Male, Iceland
I haven't played CE, LE, or CG alignments yet.
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Edit all the overpowered Prestige Classes so that they are less overpowered. Add Self made items to wiki collection
Only over the wiki
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About Me[edit]

Hi, I'm RockJockey! I am an avid gamer, be it tabletop or online. I started tabletop gaming first year at highschool, Hackmaster and DnD 3.5.

About Me on the Wiki[edit]

Grammar Nazi, Power Editor, Prestige Class Shredder.

Wiki Information[edit]

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This userpage is modeled after Hooper's page.

My 3.5 DnD Prestige Class Adoptions/Creations[edit]

In descending order of most favorite to least:

3.5 DnD Prestige Classes I have worked on[edit]

3.5 Monsters I have worked on[edit]

To Do/Awards[edit]

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