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About MythicActions2000

Hi, I'm MythicActions2000, or just Mythic! I joined dnd wiki so I could have a place to display my dnd creations in public and to see what other dnd fans have come up with. I specialize in dnd creatures, so if you have a problem with making a creature, I'm the one to come to. I plan to stick around for a while and do what I can to advance and help this community.

The Creature Battle

Anyone interested in homebrew monsters going against each other should see The Creature Battle: description for more information and to see a list of existing battles. New battles will be discussed on the battle page. Only invited users can discuss it. If you want to be invited, send a request to this page. I'm the CBM (Creature Battle Master), which means I supervise battles to make sure everyone is polite and invited, and to score comments. The next battle is being set up as you read this.

My Contributes

“As you see I've got biceps to spare!” -Gaston


From the magical land of Akura`m to the deep waters of Loch Ness, these creatures are 100% usable for most DnD campaigns/adventures.


  • Gaston is a French hunter of renown strength and power
  • Herrerasaurus is a mighty dinosaur with sharp claws who hunts in forests


  • Shuvuuias are small but quick dinosaurs who eat only insects


From funny joke races to powerful and intelligent warriors, these races are great fun to use.

  • Big Guys are towering humanoids who are a lot like humans.




Other pages I have made such as new variant rules and congratulation templates.

Pages I Have Fixed

“I don't come to destroy; I come to fix.” -Ruler of Warriors

The following is a list of pages with or without maintenance templates that I have fixed:

Helpful Users/Admins

“Now, I have lost some men. So, I am in need of some new generals to join my little plan of conquering this world!” -Kahmunrah the Bloodthirsty

The following is a list of users and admins who have been helpful to me:

I am happy that this wiki has helpful users who are willing to answer questions and enforce rules.


As Enduringone5 has said, I highly support the restrictions on this wiki about cussing and pornography, which I am very much against.

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