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I make d&d stuff and that's pretty much it. Yeah kind of a moth guy.

Pages i made


Grummite (5e_Race)

Chimpanzee (5e Race)

Ardan Uruks (5e Race)

Weapons and Armor

Bloodmourne (5e_Equipment) with help from Blobby383b

Dread Plate (5e_Equipment)

Sea Seeker (5e Equipment) with help from Blobby383b

The Heart Wall (5e Equipment) With minor grammatical help from Blobby383b and InvoicingKarma

The Mace of Many Faces (5e Equipment)

Wretched Impaler (5e Equipment) With minor coding help from Blobby383b

Hand Of The Mountain (5e Equipment) With minor coding help from Blobby383b

Sliver of Midnight (5e Equipment)

Divine Carapace (5e Equipment)

The Chadius Blade (5e Equipment)

Vulpus Blade (5e Equipment)

Slipknot (5e Equipment)

Yungouth (5e Equipment)

Yuri (5e Equipment) With Balancing Aid from Marasumine and Invoicing Karma

Infinity (5e Equipment)


Moth Swarm (5e Spell)

Murder of Moths (5e Spell)


Grom-Grolar (5e Deity) My first thing other than an item


Ring of Disrobing (5e Equipment)

To do List

Everale (Probably not though)

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