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Armor (plate), artifact

The Dread Plate is forged out of cursed Mithral, allegedly made by the Ettin Grom-Grolar. The arms of the armor are made of thick chain mail underneath layers of Mithral protecting the forearm and upper arm, the pauldrons have spikes and runic engravings on the outline. It's gloves consist of two thick plates above the wrists that are held on with leather straps. the fingers have small rows that end in points. The chest plate consists of five layers of Mithral over muscle armour. The leggings are lined with plates and caps from waist to boots and with a small skirt for protective purposes that consists of hard leather, chain mail, and a set of small metal plates also help to protect the upper knee to waist further.

Moon Light The main fuel source of this armour and fuel of the armours abilities is moonlight. You gain 1d4 Moon Light when taking a short rest in direct moon light or 1d8 when taking a long rest in direct moonlight. If you take a critical hit from radiant damage you lose 1d4. When taking a long rest in darkness but not in direct moon light you can expend hit dice to gain moon light. You can store 10 + your constitution modifier of moonlight.

Layer upon Layer The many layers of Mithral covering this armor and thickness of what is not layered makes this armor incredibly resistant to physical attacks and the natural resistance of cold and necrotic of the corrupted Mithral. When wearing this armor, you are considered resistant to bludgeoning, piercing, slashing, necrotic, and cold type damage.

Void-like darkness The mighty imposing figure of the armor gives you advantage on intimidation checks and deception. The armour radiates fear when a creature fails an attack you can choose to have them make a dc 15 + Your charisma modifier, if they succeed then nothing happens, If they fail they are frightened with you being considered the source, however when using this ability, regardless of whether or not the creature fails the save or not will, take one moonlight.

Burning Light The armor, being of dark and evil background, is naturally weak to the light, you are vulnerable to Radiant damage while wearing this armor and grant advantage to celestial type creatures.

Bone Lord You may use 5 moon light to cast 5e SRD:Raise Dead, unless you have the components required to perform the ritual without the armor in which case it costs a reduced 3 Moon Light. You can use 5 Moonlight to cast the spell 5e SRD:Create Undead which will be considered an eighth level spell slot and the spell will expire after 12 hours and the creature will die and you will not be able to cast the spell 5e SRD:Create Undead.

Destroying the Dread Plate. There are three ways to destroy a set of Dread Plate, the first is only known by Grom-Grolar and it can be taken to him and he could be convinced to break it. The second and last is if a God or Deity chooses to smite the armour, say you continuously smite their followers or are so much of a pain because of the armor,in which case you probably can't stop it. Assuming if for some reason you felt that you would like to have a deity destroy it then it would be relatively simple, all you would have to do it first some how bring about the presence of the deity, be it through a medium or an avatar of some sort, or literally ascending to the heavens and having a discussion with a benevolent deity, just present enough to hear you. Then you'd have to convince them it is worth the power they would require to completely destroy the armor, which would be pretty easy given the nature of the armor. It is however rather important that the intended destroyers be able to distinguish between an actual benevolent deity and a malevolent deity pretending to be a benevolent one, as to what exactly a malevolent deity would do to the armor, is questionable, they might take it, and bestow it upon one of their followers, or perhaps grant it sentience as to exactly what they'd do is more up to the deity and what they see fit. The Third is by powerful holy magic, for instance a powerful priest or cleric could destroy the set of armor, but the evil of it would require possibly multiple powerful priests working in conjunction, or alternatively another form of magic capable of this is magical wishes, if for whatever reason you decided to use a magic wish to destroy the weapon, the only requirement is of course not messing up the wish, as in most cases creatures capable of wishes are tricky, so precise wording is required.

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