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Armor (Chain Mail), artifact (Requires attunement by a character with a wisdom of 17 or proficient in religion)

The Chain Mail is as light as could be, it feels like feathers in your hands and smells like the sweetest summer night. It glimmers in the light with its golden links and small gold metal padding. Wearing this armor feels like being wrapped in a holy angels warm, feathery embrace and being favored by the Gods themselves. It radiates with holy, golden yellow light and is engraved with wings and holy symbols. A long illustrious cape extends from the back with golden bindings and radiates with holy might. Its helmet is bestowed with mighty wings that extend above the wearers head and only give off holy intimidation.

Angelic Protection While wearing this damage you are Immune to radiant damage and resistant to Lightning damage.

Holy Wings When wearing this armor you can fly on golden wings made of light, you have a flying speed of 60 feet, unless you can already fly in which case, it is boosted by 20 feet. You can Hover

Holy Sight Demons and unholy beings never realize the futility of trying to escape holy lights sight. You may use the Spell 5e SRD:Detect Evil and Good and aberrations and fiends cannot hide from you, once they have been detected of course. To put it simply if you're fighting an imp then no matter how hard he tries he cannot hide himself, but if he has yet to show itself then it can.

Angels Wrath When you roll a critical strike you may add 2d12 radiant damage. Once per day you summon the creature Valkyrie, Summon (5e Creature), however her hit points are, for better or worse, half of yours.

Brightest Light This armor radiates a mighty light of holy power. You emit 40ft of bright light in dim light, and 20 feet of bright light and 20 feet of dim light in total darkness.

Total Eclipse of the Heavens If the wearer sustains 20 or more damage from a single attack originating from a creature that is Evil, or are reduced to 0 hit points by an evil source, then the armor breaks, in the sense its holy magic stops working, in which case it can only be used as standard mail armor after this point, must be returned to the Heavens somehow, be it by summoning an angel or surrendering it to a holy individual, say the local priest or even party member gifted greatly in holy magic could perform the ritual to return it.

Holy Smite Once per long rest you may inflict 4d10 radiant damage on any creature that is not of angelic descent within 60ft of you.
Destroying the Divine Carapace. This Armor is almost impossible to destroy in the traditional sense, but the armour could sustain damage from evil sources, say a horrible spell from a litch or the mighty mace of a terrible ogre, just remember it is not the mace or magic breaking the armor, it is the evil of the creature. The other way to "Destroy" the armor is quite simple really, the armor is strictly tracked by the heavens and once the wearer of the armor succeeds in a great triumph over evil, such as defeating an evil king, a wretched litch, or an Ogre warlord then a squad of angels will appear once the wearer is no longer inside a building and retrieve the carapace, be it by force or voluntarily.

Ritual of Abandonment This ritual can be performed if the wearer or attuned no longer wishes to possess the item, or if it has been damaged to the point of the magic to stop working and the attuned wishes to avoid holy consequences, all it requires is that the attuned carve a holy symbol into the ground place the Carapace in the center, burn some sort of incense or a scented candle, and proceed in 20 minutes of uninterrupted prayer to the respective deity the symbol represents, if all is done correctly then an angel in service to said deity should appear, and be willing to remove the carapace from your possession.

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