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I play 5th edition Dungeons and Dragons and my favorite music is Two Steps From Hell[1]. Please contact me before editing any of my pages but feel free to use them in your campaign as you wish!

Current Projects[edit]

These are the projects I have been working on. Please ask me for permission before editing this page.

Runeterra (5e Campaign Setting)

Complete Projects[edit]

These are the projects I completed.

Call of Sussura (5e Spell)

Destrachan (5e Creature)

Door of the Weak (see 5e Traps)

Adoeak Serpenthelm (5e Deity)

Fallen Angel (5e Equipment)

Light Binding (5e Spell)

Prismatic Barrier (5e Spell)

Lucent Singularity (5e Spell)

Final Spark (5e Spell)

Passive Feats (5e Variant Rule)

Each Uisge (5e Creature)


Brown Minion (5e Creature)

Red Minion (5e Creature)

Blue Minion (5e Creature)

Green Minion (5e Creature)

Take note that all of the Minions were created for the Overlord (5e Class).

Runeterra Campaign[edit]

Runeterra: Demacian (5e Race)

Runeterra: Noxian (5e Race)

Runeterra: Yordle (5e Race)

Runeterra: Ionian (5e Race)

Runeterra: Frelijordian (5e Race)

Runeterra: Rakkor (5e Race)

Runeterra: Marksman (5e Class)

Runeterra: Engineer (5e Class)

Runeterra: Defender (5e Class)

Hammer of Orlon (5e Equipment)

Zilean Time Bomb (5e Equipment)

Assisting Projects[edit]

These are not my projects, but other peoples projects that I have been helping them with.

Overlord (5e Class) by Azernath

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