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Federated Oligarchy
King Keran Arrington, Tier 2
Human, Elven, Dwarven, Halfling
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Amacidia is one of the countries that spawned from the death of old Cormyr. The new Kingdom takes its common name from the city of Amacidia, formerly Southcrown. House Arrington were Lords of the Thorsmark under the old Imperium, and held eastern Cormyr together during the Storm War. After the war they allied themselves to Ramosia, but this quickly became a vassalship as refugees and marauding forces from the Cormyri interior crossed the border and the Malkeiri Lords convinced Onea to separate. House Renzel of Ramosia helped the Arringtons hold the country together, and Amacidia now exists as part of the Empire of Ramosia, largest successor to the Imperium. Amacidia is a widely varied country who shares borders with the largest elven clade in the west and the only dwarven nation.


The Kingdom of Amacidia is one of the many new countries formed out of the scattered pieces of the 3rd Imperium. As the Wars of Sucession began to peter out and Ramosia began to pull back its legions, House Arrington made a treaty with House Renzel. At incredible cost in post-war gold and supplies, Ramosi Legions stayed to stabilize the region and help House Arrington forge a new country. Amacidia has been the dominant city in the region for several centuries now. The quiet trading post had fallen into disrepair and neglect, but a resurgent 2nd Imperium revitalized the trade town and catapulted it to power as one of the Empire's three capitals. After the fall of that Imperium, Amacidia would take on its modern name and would become a key component in the new 3rd Imperium. As a bona fide city Amacidia began to have significant pull in the region and crystallized the power structure in Cormyr. Relations with the elves improved and more money flowed into the region, stimulating the other cities and opening further trade to Ramosia and Arcadia. Amacidia rode this wave and, at the ouset of the Dragon's War, was the Imperium's Tajar, Tyros, or Syracuse.

The city held throughout the war, despite the coutryside around it burning and the cities to its north and south being destroyed. Lord Keran Arrington organized the resistance in then eastern Cormyr, and threw in his lot with the Coalition when the advance started. When the Coalition and the Alliance came to blows, Lord Arrington took his men out of the fight but pledged his support to Ramosia in return for support and money. In the 4 years since, Amacidia has stabilized slowly. Amacidia is the nexus of a slowly growing trade network and life is flowing into the other cities of the region. Farmers and miners are returning to work, and the roads south and west are safe once more. The Kingdom is still a wreck but a wreck that flies new colors, and moves under its own steam.


For the majority of the past two ages, the lands King Arrington now rules have been part of 'Greater Cormyr', a physical geographic and ancient political region that lies between the Melidaa and Isen Rivers in the southern Westlands. Long ago, the Kingdom of Cormyr rose and fell as Imperiums waxed and waned. Small countries and Houses ruled across the plains as well, but the Cormyri identity runs strong among the people. So a Kingdom now radiates from Amacidia, living in the shelter of Ramosia's power and sitting on the edge of the still chaotic basins of the Cormyri Plains. Life in the new Kingdom varies widely: northerners are miners and herders, while the southerners farm and rebuild a decimated countryside, and in between lie lands of pastoral plenty. Safety and stability in the new Kingdom vary as well: there's the militarized frontier in the west and southwest, the shattered south and north west, and the roads still fraught with banditry, but most of the country is peaceful and stable. City life is hard and busy of late - the economy of the West arises slowly, like a shambling thing casting off its prison. Everywhere there are mouths to feed, towns to build, and fields to sow; but there's not the money or manpower to do it fast enough. Towns that escaped the true ravages of the war are returning to antebellum peace and plenty quickly. The towns that survived the horrors of battle or raiders however, barely made it. They, like the cities torched or pounded by the war are struggling, and each day comes at a price.

Government: The Kingdom of Amacidia has a bastardized version of the old Imperial Provincial System. King Keran Arrington is the High Seat of Amacidia and King of the country, but also the Lord Regent of the Province under Ramosi rule. Each of the other High Seats holds conference with the Seats and Minor Houses under their dominion each month, and all of the Houses meet twice yearly. Governance moves at the leisurly pace of the old Imperium here, carefully moderated and shaped by men like Arrington or Aldeman Reave.

Military: Amacidia maintains several central legions, organized around the Ramosi model of 5,000 men. These are supplemented by House troops: armies maintained by the Houses in time of peace and supplemented by massed levies in time of war. The standing House forces are generally well trained and very well equipped, they give each House a measure of individual power and pride. Each Houses' troops differ widely as a result of this policy though. House Reave's midnight blue-clad men patrol the mountain foothills and the still dangerous Nurim's Gap. They're a grim, veteran lot - well versed in hard marches and viciously calculated attacks. House Latimer's crimson-clad men on the other hand, are well equipped, heavy line infantry. These pike and sword wielding men fight in boxes backed up by their House knights. The Amacidian core military fights along the border of the Cormyri Plains, trying to grasp new territory to buffer Amacidia.

Judicial System: As a condition of Adam Renzel's Liege and his protection, the Kingdom of amacidia must maintain the legal system laid out in Ramosia. Judges and Arbiters vested with legal athourity from the High Court in Amacidia are the given law givers in the Kingdom. In practice however, each House tends to maintain their own systems as they did in the Imperial days. No House dare vary too drastically from the letter of the law, but the old ways die hard.



Underlined and bold is a High House, bold is a Low House, underlined is a Trade House, and normal writing is a non Seated House recognized in the Westlands.

  • House Arrington: House Arrington is the High Seat of Amacidia and the Royal House of The Kingdom of Amacidia with King Keran Arrington as its head. The King is a facilitator more than anything; he is no great warrior or sage but he has an impossibly good mind for figures and logistics. He is a man perfectly suited to the city at the crossroads of Cormyr, and famously claimed, "Warfare and battle is math and angles my boy, I defended this city with money, numbers, and timing." His heir is his first of three surviving children Matthew Arrington. Matthew is an excellent swordsman and a Drake Rider, famous for killing the Dragon Verioth Inkheart and her rider Sir Dramon of Aryth. His younger brother and sister Jordan and Galena are in training to be a Mage and a Cleric to Pelor respectively
    • House Reave: House Reave has their Seat at Reavstone Keep and Lord Aldeman Reave is its head. Lord Reave's heir is his adopted bastard, Stanton Reave - his other blood heirs are his son Harvey (a Knight in his service), his daughter Alyssa (firstborn and a High Priestess of The Evening Glory), and his daughter Jordana. Lord Reave is a gaunt man who is feared for his ruthlessness and cunning. He held Reavstone through the Wars through cunning and a total willingness to sacrifice any ally and go to any means to secure victory. He was a strong ally of Adam Renzel, though Micheal holds him in less esteem. The family rules from their imposing fortress and is slowly rebuilding and expanding their influence. Lord Reave is rumored to be courting Lady Kylie Latimer, a move which fits his goals.
    • House Valladian: House Valladian was the Seat of Royston, a prosperous Seat on the border under the walls of the immense "Fortress Hydra" of the Imperial III Legion. The city of Royston was destroyed during the Dragon's War but House Valladian is rebuilding under Gareth Valladian, the last living son of Lord Bartholomew Valladian. Lord Gareth Valladian and his men and people live in and among the ruins and after their abortive revolution against Ramosia, they are quietly rebuilding.
    • House Tymber: The Banking House of Tybalt Tymber & Sons has dominated the Avenue of Gold in Amacidia for six centuries. Magister Jacob Tymber runs the House currently, and his cousin Farran Tymber runs their branch in Taralon. The main House in Amacidia has made their fabulous wealth off of trade travelling the network of highways that lead into Amacidia, and their branch in Taralon funds mining and expeditions into the mountains. It is worth noting that House Tymber also maintains a large force of mercenaries for hire. They can call a roll of almost 4,000 men and 17 ships based in Mantaér, though most of this force is dispersed on smaller contracts. Their imposing barracks in Amacidia host 900 men presently.
  • House Latimer: House Latimer is the Seat of Taralon and Lady Kylie Latimer is its head. Lady Latimer is a renowned drunk and maintains a Nalish den in her palace. She has been married twice and is very wealthy because of it. She has no heirs though, both of her sons died in the war and her only daughter vanished into the Verge ten years ago. The Lady Latimer is by most accounts a terrible Seat, and her liege over Drayton is regrettable. She commands a large army though, and seems to understand how to efficiently run her mining consortiums. There are rumors that she is a canny woman underneath the drugs and the charade of idiocy.
    • House Casserres: House Casserres is the Seat of Drayton and Lord William Casserres II is its head. Lord Casserres was an adventurer in his youth, famously fighting in Cimmeria with Ali al-Badr, the Golden Corsair; then leading the Corsair fleet against the Vampire Sultan of Utaqa. Lord Casserres is famously wealthy and has a healthy income in retirement through his friend. Lord Casserres married al-Badr's sister, the Lady Alamyra, and has two daughters and a son by her. His daughter Maria is his heir, and a fierce warrior. His son William is infirm, laid up with a sickness unknown to doctors of the West since birth. His youngest daughter Sarah is a babe in arms. House Casserres and the Latimers are at each others' throats these days. A Casserres victory in 80FA was the only blood officially shed, but Lord Casserres makes no secret of his disdain for Lady Latimer's rule.
  • House Reyhan: House Reyhan is the Seat of Antara and Lord Duncan Reyhan is its head. Lord Reyhan married a wood elf, the Lady Silvrenial, and has a son and two daughters by her. His son Vaeril is his heir and is currently studying to become a Mage. His daughters are Silvrenial and Marya. House Reyhan had mixed with elf blood for hundreds of years, and the rumor that they came to power in Antara after the war with elf help is hard to ignore. They are good Lords, and respected, but a certain wariness is afforded any meeting with them.
    • House Cromwell: House Cromwell is the Seat of Glen Arbor and Lady Sara Cromwell is its head. House Cromwell has ruled the sleepy border town of Glen Arbor for centuries but has flourished greatly through trade with Andor. Lady Cromwell has three sons: William, Rory, and Arthur. William is the heir and a Knight, Rory is a master engineer, and William is training to be a knight under his brother.
    • House Tarim: House Tarim is the Seat of Chandler's crossing and the young Lord Phillip Tarim is its lord. Lord Tarim is a child, but the rest of his family died during the Dragon's War. His parents and sisters died when Royston fell, trapped in the city, and his two brothers died fighting for the Coalition. Lord Tarim's uncle, Chandler Tarim IV, is his ward. Chandler is a cleric of Pelor and was a Chapter Master of the Children of the Light before he left their ranks to ward his nephew. 500 Children of the Light now live in the Basilica of St. Romeo, a brand new castle on the bridge Chandler's Crossing is built on. They've also established a presence in the ruins on the far side of the river, clearing them out and then beginning to clean and move in.

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