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Albia has always been a Duchy within the Tionne sphere of influence. A High House ruled the small forested lands under the early Second Imperium but this House fell when the power structure of the Imperium violently shifted after the War of the Tetrarchy. House Tionne, then the Royal dynastic House on the western coast, took the lands and appointed a Duke over them from the remaining Low Houses. House Salesia was installed as the Seat of the Duchy of Albia and ruled under the Tionnic Kings. The Duchy was afforded special status under Tionnic rule, and the relationship was closer to equal than any other house under House Tionne. During the rise of the Third Imperium Archduke Otto Salesia marched his army under House Tionne as a trio of demi-Legio. The Archduke committed the forces to several battles in the south and the last battle against House Malkier's northern resistance. For their service Albia was granted a bigger share of autonomy and gifted the port of Pellastok on the Alba River.

The third Imperium was a time of prosperity for the Albians and House Salesia. Trade between Tionnic lands and the north flowed through the Imperial Highway Albia controlled and along the Alba River. Their new access to the sea allowed for a fruitful trade with Beldron and the Argentan Coast. So it came to pass that when Logan Ingramar made his bid for power in the south and vowed to topple the Imperium, Albia was enthusiastically committed to the defense of Illyria. With a fruitful round of recruiting and the commitment of home guard units Albia was able to field a pair of full-up Imperial Legions, the Albian II and the new Albian XI, and marched both south to fight the Dragon. Five years later the war was almost to Albia. The Centrality had fallen and the Dragon's men marched under the Wandering One. Albia's few remaining men, now barely one Legion, huddled with their northern allies and waited for the death-blow.

But the Dragon was defeated, and the Wandering One felled. There was celebration for a time but then the hard task of retaking that which had fallen to darkness began. the Albian men faithfully marched on the Centrality but the seeds of dissent and war weariness were already sewn at home. Albian men died to retake the Centrality and it was the Albian Knights that held off the Dragon's praetorians while several heroes felled the Dragon. But still the war would not end. albian generals had been rewarded richly for their service, and held many high positions in the Alliance, but when the Dragon died and the war did not end their sense of duty waned. The Albian men had been long afield, and their proud Legions had been decimated time and again. They soldiered on for another year and a half, and House Salesia accompanied House Tionne to the peace talks. House Salesia argued argently for peace; so when Malkier Seceded and the Coalition and Alliance went to war their resolve broke. The Albian men marched home, leaving without so much as a backward glance.



Government: Albia is a confederacy of lords from the Alba River Valley, and its early success is based on the close relationship between Pellastok in the interior and Itraka on the coast. Both cities focus separate parts of the country and act as pseudo-High Seats. House Salesia are the lords of Itraka and manage trade by sea and the fractious Valmorran border. From the sprawling Cliffside ruins of Ithraca, House Salesia runs one of the largest cities on the western coast. House Darren are the lords of Itraka, and manage peace and trade up the Valley and along the Illyrian coast. A web of Low and minor Houses have feudal holdings across the country and meet at either city when called. Typically the entire council meets 4 times a year.




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