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The Ardile Fens

The Ardile Fenlands are a wide, stinking marsh at the headwaters of the River Isen. It is an impassable mess in the spring and a barely tolerable, steamy and stinking mess in the summer. In short, it is an awful place, and as such, it is one of the Westlands' unfortunate havens for the less-than-legal. Witches and hags, failed bands of bandits, accused and hunted criminals, and even lords run out of their lands; all found shelter in the cloying miasma of the Fens. That is, until the Storm War's end.

The stinking mess rife with witches, banditry, and failed tyrants is now a quaint tale of yesteryear. A fond memory of county sheriffs and knights who once patrolled the plains near the Fens. Now, the Fens are the domain of true terror.

The Carnival of the Mad King

The lasting impact of the Storm War is perhaps worse than the proximate impact, if such a thing can be said of such total destruction. In the wake of the war's fury, things which once sat far below the water are now churned into a thorough and briny swamp. The things kept at bay by three centuries of progress (since the Wandering One's predations did not strike the West's heart), are now loose. Even in defeat they grow, for the vast effort of victory ruined the Imperium. One of these growths, one of the worst given name, is the Carnival of the Mad King. The carnival XXX

The Mad King:

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