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Mantaér is home to the oldest human ruins on Dominaria and some of humanity’s longest standing cities. Western human civilization was born here, but Mantaér is now a collection of grand trade cities that stand half empty. Athon, Sartos, Mykaen and half a dozen other magnificent cities are still suffering from poor decisions and economic decline over the last 150 years. The fall of the Empire and the reemergence of the Imperium wounded and then gutted the Mantaéri economy. Mantaér’s poor decision to invade a new Andor has given this generation poor relations with their biggest eastern neighbor, Arcadia. So, with brigands in the Black Barrows and the ruins of Royston are their northern border, the people of Mantaér have turned to the seas. For generations, Mantaér exported stone, fish, and mercenaries. But the stone mines are dry, Arcadia won't buy their fish and the Imperium no longer can. No one has the stomach for the wars that bought Mantaéri spears. This century will be one of rebuilding and new opportunities for Mantaér, one where they try to make their destiny on Dominaria’s new map.





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