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The Southern Caliphate (Dominaria Supplement)

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Grand Caliph Nurah al'Din
Human, XXXX



The vast swath of land between the Otarian Plateau and Selucian Gap in the west and the Cimmerian Penninsula in the east is the heart of the Eastlands. While most western observers note little but the sand, there is a cultural and geographic diversity in the East that puts any casual analysis to shame. The Southern Caliphate for example, most people's first thought when they hear "Eastlands", has three or four distinct regions stretching across more than a thousand miles. Karnak, the city of Kings, and the nearby "Cities of the Heart" form the center of the great realm. To their east, the "Cities of the Pearl" line the Bay of Pearls and live out their thousand year drama as they dive for the beautiful gems. The "Trade Cities" sit on the high desert roads, sprawling across several wadi and oases and guarding the Caliph's influence. Several sultanates and emirates fill in the spaces in this vast mosaic to complete the Caliphate. Due to the peculiar circumstances of living in the East, each city is separated from the next by great distance, and each city is massive. With the exception of the rivers that bracket the heartland, any meaningful amount of water will spawn massive cities as people naturally flocked there over the centuries. Many of these cities were independent Caliphates before the first "Grand Caliph" of Karnak, Qudra, and Rog'osto unified the south; and many have been since, on and off. Each one has its own culture and life to it, determined by position, geography, and which clans, houses, and societies moved in.

The immense realm of the Grand Caliph, and the center of eastern culture. The people of Suran and Kwazarmia technically pay homage to the Grand Caliph's divine right to rule, but in practice his authority extends to the emirates, sultanates, and houses of the area denoted on the map. The Golden City of Luxor - City of the Gods, a city within the metropolis of Karnak, is his realm and from there he reigns. For nearly 2000 years, ever since the reign of the Grand Caliph Suzerain, the Caliph who sits in Karnak has ruled with the authority and by the grace of the eastern Gods. His word is theirs and he acts according to their wishes.

Each of the cities of the Caliph's dominion are ruled by an Emir or Sultan (or Sultana) who speaks in the Caliph's name and rules at his pleasure. Due to the nature of a desert realm, each of the cities are greatly separated; but the largest are larger than western cities. Each of these Emirates or Sultanates have their own feel and culture. There are the Pearl Cities of the easternmost coasts and the Caravan Cities along the ancient highway west. In practice these rulers rule nearly as Kings themselves, but in time of great war they answer to the Caliph's iron rule. The Malmuks are the ultimate expression of the Caliph's rule in most cities. These knight-slaves are devoted to the divine rule of the Caliph and seve as a constant reminder of the Caliph's reach to the Enlightened. The priests too, in the grand temples of the Easterlings, serve the Grand Caliph. Many will never see him, but they preach him and believe in his image as the mouthpiece of the many Gods above. The Gods are primarily preached, but each service will at least mention or pay homage to the Caliph.



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