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Note: This kinda became my log for the Dragon's War in the East. Peruse at your pleasure but the meat of the Emerald Caliphate will be below.

The Emerald Caliphate is the newest realm in the Eastlands, formed during the 11th Great War of Expansion. In 71 FA 90,000 Caliphi troops crossed the Arixo Wastes at the High Pass in Upper Sura and invaded Eastern Paladonia. Grand Caliph Nurah al-Din, blessed be he Lord of the East, wished the Dark stain on the Suran border gone. Sura was his furthest and most unruly holding; long years had passed since the Caliphs of Karnak had held any real power there. A new war would mean Caliphi troops in Sura, Eastern Paladonia gone would mean an end to their timeless threat, and Otaria was the richest land the Caliph could lay hands on. The Caliphi Armies quickly sacked Adassa and the surrounding area, securing a beachhead in the realm. Dark Paladin and Cabal forces joined with Pardic Barbarians and fought back. The first phase of the war was characterized by engagements on the plains north of the Pardic Mountains and along the XXX River north of Adassa. Caliphi forces fought defensively in the south and offensively to the north.

The war was brutal, especially for the Caliph's forces. The men of the east had not faced a Dark opponent in several centuries, and despite better organization and numbers (the Cabal's best minds were with the Dragon in the West) the war began to take a steep toll on the Caliph's army. The Pardic barbarians also proved more of a challenge than the Caliph anticipated. The men of the Pardian regions were battled hardened mercenaries, having fought the Light, the Dark, and themselves for centuries. The defensive effort in the south was no less demanding. From the end of the supply chain in the smokey dens of Abu Neferet came an answer to the two front war. Sultana Alurah bint Asrah, the shrewd leader of the City of Secrets, suggested a most elegant solution. The Caliph had one of the few things the Pardians valued, and he had it in abundance: gold. The Sultana suggested that the Pardians simply be bought off and used as allies to prosecute an even wider war.

The Sultana suggested, and many grudgingly agreed, that the lands of southern Otaria were just as fertile as the East and fit for the taking. The Pardic Barbarians would make fine allies and the Paladins of the South were weakened by their last war. So the Grand Caliph sent a Caravan laden with gold and escorted by 4,000 of his best Malmuks to bear his offer to Korosa Rock, the seat of the most powerful Pardian Warlord, King Crom of the Ironarms. Fighting in the south was halted by the Caliphi generals as the caravan approached. Several hundred head of cattle and 1,000 sheep were given as a ceasefire offering and the caravan was soon the center of a large Pardian horde moving south and then west towards the Rock. Luckily for the Caliphi envoys, King Crom had an eye for opportunity and a hunger for greater power; he lept at the opportunity to ally with the Caliph. He did however, have a condition: any Pardian tribe that did not kneel to him, and any Warlord who refused to bear Crom's colors, would meet the sword of the Caliph. Sheikh Basheer al-Hiyab Abd al-Wajib, commander of the Malmuks accompanying the Caravan, quickly agreed. This treaty, and the repercussions thereof, would shape the entire conflict and in four years' time shape the destiny of seven countries.

The war for Eastern Paladonia now took on a different tone. Free from having to engage the Pardic Barbarians, Caliphi forces began to push hard for Aphetto and the heart of the Cabal. In two battles, Caliphi forces broke the stalemate and then crossed the XXX River. The treaty looked to have secured a sure win, and all sides bunked down for the winter. Spring of 71 FA came early, but as the fighting began again spring's change brought more than the rains. Pardian and Caliphi forces, fresh from a series of brutal pogroms in the Pardic Mountains, invaded Southern Paladonia and began the next phase of the war. The invasion in the south was a watershed event in the 4th Age. All at once it proved to the other three Paladins and Arcadia that the Caliph may not stop with the East. The three remaining Paladins would set aside alignments and band together to fight for their entire Pantheon. Arcadia would be forced into the war to stop their chief rival from becoming drastically more powerful.



The Emerald Caliphate is the newest province of the vast and ancient Southern Caliphate. The Emerald Caliphate is a nation of immigrants XXXX

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