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Power Center
Conventional, Sultan Yusef bin Ahmad al-Wadi
True Neutral
Adult Population
100,000 Permanent
Gold Limit
X gp
Language & Diversity
Caliphi (X)
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Zawiyet, City of Excess

Sultan Yusef bin Ahmad al-Wadi rules Gana by the grace of Caliph Nurah al-Din

Zawiyet Umm el'Rawash

Government: Sultan Yusef bin Ahmad al-Wadi rules the city with a keen eye to the game of politics. His most important advisor is Gana's Master of Pearls Rasht al-Ra'aman, who oversees the city's massive pearl diving industry, the yearly three-day Festival of the Pearl, and the annual seven-month Great Task of the Pearl.

Guilds and Orders:

Military: 5,000 men-at-arms of the City Watch, 500 Zomahastran Mercenaries, 500 Bedouin Mercenaries, 1,000 Cimmerian Mercenaries, and an official navy of 30 ships (though most pearl captains would fight to protect Gana).

Judicial System: The law and those who keep it cannot be bought in Gana, but rented at a reasonable rate. Ghaliyah bint Borga min Suq is the Keeper of Justice and cousin to the Sultan. He is a very shrewd man who plays the strings of politics and law deftly.

City Relations:


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