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Tajar, The Trader's Gate[edit]

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Metropolis: Unconventional (Sheikh Ali al-Hadd, House of Bakr rules by right of conquest and by leave of Grand Caliph Nurah al-Din); AL LN; Adult Population 180,000; X gp limit; Mixed (X)

50 years ago, in the time of Grand Caliph Farahd el-Hashem, the Emir of Tajar was a cruel man who sought war against the Bedouins of the Takir Valley and crushed his people beneath his calculating mind. He fought the Bedouins the way a cat might a mouse, running them down by boxing in their options and forcing choices they didn't want to make. He took war to the Bedouins in the High Desert and Valley alike and beat them with a cold precision. After the slaughter at the Horns of Halim, Sheikh Kori al-Zafiri, House of Bakr, traveled to Tajar with his finest remaining men and found there a new battlefield - one suited to their tastes. Kori led a rebellion of the native Bedouins as well as the opressed merchants and peasants of the city and overthrew the Emir. With the Emir holed up in the Red Keep, Grand Caliph Farahd al-Hashem marched on the city at the head of 50,000 men. When his massive army arrived however, he heard out the Bedouins and the people of the city and siezed the Emir, taking him to Karnak in chains. Kori al-Zafiri took the simple title "Sheikh", a practice carried on by his predecessors.

Government: Sheik Ali al-Hadd, House of Bakr, is the third in a line of House of Bakr Bedouins to rule from the Ivory Throne of Tajar. He is a warrior of surpassing skill, but a diplomat first and a dreamer as well. He has taken the Lady Lathantas Dances-on-Light of the Daru as his wife and by all accounts truly loves her. Aside from dealing with Tajar's many merchant, Bedouin, and Caliphi factions, Ali is trying to cement Tajar's position in the new trade to the Emerald Caliphate and open new trade into the "Daru Sea".

Guilds and Orders:

Military: 4,000 men-at-arms of the City Watch, 3,000 riders of the House of Bakr who patrol the Takir Valley, 200 Sheikhs of the House of Bakr serving as the Palace Guard, approximately 300 Jann of the High Desert whom Sheikh Kori al-Zafiri invited to live in the city.

Judicial System:

City Relations:


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