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In addition to the various nations and races of the Free Kingdoms, there are several societies and knighthoods throughout the Patron Lands.

By Pehr Hörberg (1746-1816) ( [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons
Many societies must meet in secret, hiding from the authorities that seek to destroy them.

Clockwork Circle[edit]

This exclusive fraternity of celestial casters is the only group outside Nidvalar who knows the secret to the creation of clockwork armies. The Clockwork Circle is even more secretive than Nidvalar, sharing its secrets only after members have apprenticed with masters for at least a decade. A summer elf known as Demetrius currently leads the group – which is mostly comprised of elves and dwarves, with some other races – and their express goal is to conquer the Free Kingdoms with clockwork armies and make themselves the lords.


Almost entirely composed of humans, the Dodecians believe that the only place they will ever be truly free is in their own ancestral lands of Dragonseye. The Dodecians have two ancient texts that they believe tell the origins of the human race. The first, the Dodecon, tells the story of the "Twelve", the dozen humans to escape the Fire Mountains, throw off the shackles of their Elemental oppressors and found the free city of Dragonseye. The second book, the Elemiad, describes the "Wheel of Man", a relic of unsurpassed power, that held the Elementals and other foes of Dragonseye at bay, until one of the Twelve betrayed the others. Both books are full of obscure prophecies that the Dodecians believe predict the return of the Wheel and the full glory of Dragonseye.


Over eight centuries ago, the ghilan necromantic lich known as Efthal, who had ruled the Second Empire for 150 years, disappeared in the wake of an invasion by the Alabastrian Empire. For a time it was believed that Efthal had been slain, but that was not the case. Efthal remains in hiding, some believe deep in the Barrens. Many a necromancer has sought out his counsel and tutelage, and these pupils are known as the Efthali. The Efthali are enigmatic. In return for unheralded necromantic powers, they must do their master’s bidding. Nobody knows what Efthal’s plan may be, but it can be assumed to be quite malevolent.

The Loyalists[edit]

An offshoot cult of followers of the Nine Truths of the great philosopher Mazdak. Followers of the Nine Truths have no formal organization or hierarch. But the Loyalists do, for they adhere to a very specific goal: ending immortality. This cult concentrates on the philosophy's belief that all things should be temporary and that people must accept their mortality. The Loyalists take this belief and apply it to any creatures who are immortal or ageless, including all Patrons, as well as the Eternal Elves Muhajiel and Gamaliel, the Immortal Deva Queen Oncia and Emperor Xarlem, and the lich-king Efthal. The cult is not political in nature, even though its goals will effect vast political changes throughout Patronage. They are simply zealous in their devotion to the Nine Truths and indifferent to the political havoc their actions may wreak on the world at large.

Order of the Compass[edit]

This knightly order was originally created by Emperor Xarlem to protect travelers in the Alabastrian Empire. However, the Order separated itself from the Empire and now protects travelers throughout the Free Kingdoms and is composed of numerous races. Universally respected, they employ healers, fighters and engineers to keep the roads in good repair. Their main Chapterhouse is in the town of Rose where it protects the Compass Rose, but they have smaller Chapterhouses in most towns and cities in the Free Kingdoms and Alabastrian Empire.

Pure Land Sect[edit]

An orc named Ranshi founded this sect, which is dedicated to cleansing all land west of the White River and north of Artifice of any race but orcs and half-orcs. They are quite militant and often gather large armies to try add to the holdings of the Green Lands.

Ramhead Rangers[edit]

This newly reconstituted order is based on an ancient secret order of warriors that raided slaver caravans and liberated the slaves. The order is comprised of all races, particularly halflings, and humans although dwarves, genasi, ghilan, deva, and eidolons – the races most likely to keep slaves – are viewed with suspicion. Originally centered in Ramhead, it is thought that the resurrected order now plans its raids from Artifice, capital of Midhaven.

The Testament[edit]

This society is comprised of halflings and their loyal companions. Probably centered in Carraway, this secretive faction dedicates itself to enforcing the final pronouncements of the halfling Empress Lucinda: that halflings shall obey the Halfling King or Queen and that no halfling should ever rule over outsiders. Much of this final pronouncement is self-enforcing, as Lucinda has cursed her people so that they can never be burdened (or privileged) with a landbond. However, the Testament also ensures that no halfling may rule indirectly. Many halflings have married patricians, or serve as advisors, or have joined other knightly orders that do not suffer the landbond. The Testament ensures that these halflings do not rule over any who do not share halfling heritage. The Testament is, in effect, the secret police of the halflings. Any halfling who seeks title will need to deal with them and they are not known to negotiate or compromise. The current Halfling Queen refuses to speak publicly about the Testament, claiming it is a “family” matter not to be discussed with outsiders.

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