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People of the Worlds[edit]

Here follows a detailed description of the races of Andaria


Alignment: Any
God: Adonai, Belial
Home Region: Material Plane
Human Character Options
Changes: Choose a +2 and -2 modifier on Abilities at 1st level, choose a exotic/martial weapon proficiency at 1st level, +2 bonus on saves vs. spells & spell-like effects.
Description: From average to extreme, humans love and hate, build and destroy and are masters at crafting and gathering knowledge.
Due to there inability to work with natural and arcane magic humans have always relied on there martial traditions to keep them save, becouse of this the humans are known for there great army and legendary generals.


Alignment: Chaotic Good
God: Pax
Home Region: The Windy Isles
Elven Character Options
Changes: +2 bonus on preform (Any) and Craft (Sculpting, Visual Arts), +2 bonus on diplomacy checks.
Description: Carefree and relaxed, elves have long ago learned that "if it's no fun, it's not worth doing!" and such they spend their time writing song and poems, dancing, painting and more, as long as it involves beauty.
This has resulted in many epic poems and great songs famous through out the multi-verse, and elven bards are welcome in almost every court and country. All are moved by the beauty of the songs.
Though slow to anger the Elves are even slower to forget and there is nothing but beauty in a honorable duel with a hated foe.


Alignment: Lawful Neutral
God: Krilos
Home Region: The Cave of Krilos
Dwarven Character Options
Changes: Favorite class: Wizard, +2 bonus on concentration, +2 bonus on spellcraft checks, no +2 bonus on saves vs. spells and magical effects..
Description: grumpy and stoic, the dwarfs rarely leave there underground homes and-- if they do-- it's to further their knowledge of the arcane arts.
Because they spend so much time with their noses in ancient books they have little or no patience for other races.
Another reason for their mistrust towards other races is because of the long wars that the other races have waged upon the Dwarves, looking for the fabled wealth of the dwarfs and, of course, jealous of there arcane might.
That is why the dwarven cities are the paramount of defense, and their techniques for special defensive construction are a very closely guarded secret.


Alignment: Lawful Good
Home Region: The Sea of Grass
Halfling Character Options
Changes: No Strength penalty, Lawful, Don't like to use metal, usually follow a wild class (Barbarian, Ranger, Druid, Sorcerer)
Description: honorable, lawful and extremely respectful in regard to nature, the halflings tend to view the world from an natural view in which all creation is equal.
Ancient tradition still dictates daily life in most tribes and change is virtually taboo.
They lived in The Sea of Grass for eons but have migrated to the Material Plane and, thanks to their travel urge, can be found on most good aligned planes (The Windy Isles, The Floating Isles).


Alignment: Lawful Evil
Home Region: The Wasteland
Orc Character Options
Changes: religious zealots, extremely lawful, no light sensitivity, no Wisdom penalty
Description: Orcs are the worst fear of most small isolated towns and villages; they raid the secluded places of the world without rest and are difficult enemies to beat since self sacrifice is held in high regard.
The reason for this is that religion is held in the highest regard. The red-robed female clerics are the cornerstone of the orc society.
Furthermore, they are excellent close combat fighters and usually fight in tight formation, and therefore are feared especially on the Material Plane, since they seem to have no interest in the other planes.


Alignment: Chaotic Evil
Home Region: The Green Hell
Lizardfolk Character Options
Changes: Bite attack 1d6 damage, usually follows a wild class (Barbarian, Ranger, Druid, Sorcerer)
Description: If it's not Orcs you fear as a small town then it is probably the Lizardfolk, strong in natural magic and fighting Lizardfolk are a force to respect.
With excellent Guerrilla tactics backed up with powerful druids it's hard not to fear the Lizardfolk.
Always in search of victory and land to conquer the lizardfolk tribes are found on all planes (even extremely good aligned planes like The Floating Isles) and such are considered a threat by almost all sentient non-reptilian beings, and this is very typical of the lizardfolk since there dragon gods tell them reptilians should be the rulers of the multi-verse.


Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
Home Region: The Great Ocean
Merfolk Character Options
Changes: +10 Ft. swim speed
Description: Arrogant and aloof, the Merfolk usually stay out of "land dwellers" affairs but there are exceptions, like Merfolk raiders and pirates.
There arrogance does not come from an nationalistic side, but they see the surface world and they see the wars and famine and blame the "land dwellers" for being "hot heads" and such are reluctant to let these "surface dwellers" into there realms.
There domains are to be found on planes like The Great Ocean and The Windy Isles but they shun the Material Plane since in there view this is the greatest source of "hot-heads".


Alignment: Neutral Good
Home Region: The Floating Isles
Aasimar Character Options
Changes: can use Daylight ability at will
Description: Humans that have had contact with celestial beings for a long time and have changed because of this relationship.
They are the protectors of the innocent and a perfect example of just how "good" humans can be, yet they battle their evil counterparts (Tiefling) without remorse.
Unlike their evil counterparts the scheming Tiefling the Aasimar travel nearly the whole multi-verse looking for evil to fight and good to protect.
But they are definitely more likely to be seen on planes like The Sea of Grass, The Windy Isles, The Great Ocean and The Cave of Krilos where they can help those in need.


Alignment: Neutral Evil
God: Belial
Home Region: The Abyss
Tiefling Character Options
Changes: can use Darkness at will
Description: They are the perfect example of just how deep a human can fall, through contact with various demons and devils some humans changed and started to spread evil through the multi-verse, they battle there good couterparts (Aasimar) without mercy.
They usually stay in The Abyss or the Material Plane, but are known for trips into The Green Hell and The Wasteland.
On these evil planes they sell their trade as mercenaries, assassins, thieves and mages; especially the thieves and assassins are in high demand.

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