The Windy Isles (The Test of Time Supplement)

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A land of drink and song, love and joy, ship and land, wind and water...

A windswept ocean under a clear sunny sky, this is the first description that comes to mind when first setting foot on this plane. Tiny islands covered with palm trees dot the surface of this plane, only 15% of the surface reaches above the sea level and consequently the population lives off fishing and trading with the various islands and underwater species.

Boats are the normal way of travel thanks to the constant winds that follow set paths; thanks to these "set paths" it has become possible to create very accurate wind maps and trading routes. Most inhabitants are Elves and are Chaotic Good and humor, adventure, respect and pleasure are the most important factors in anyone's life according to the locals. As a result of this state of mind the populace is very open and everybody looks out for each other, crimes are very rare and even "really annoying people" are hard to find. The most popular craft is: rum & tobacco The most popular pass time is: storytelling Because of this love of storytelling adventurers are highly regarded and everybody wants to know there adventures so they can later impress people with there entertaining stories. It's hard to find adventure on this plane but it is possible and to this end many people sail the world looking for underwater monsters .

Meta-game description: "Pirates of the Caribbean" meets "Waterworld", but with friendly people and a very mild and peaceful natural setting. All in all a perfect vacation spot.

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