Atlas of the Worlds (The Test of Time Supplement)

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Atlas of the Worlds[edit]

Here starts a detailed description of the Andarian Cosmology

A detailed visual for how the planes in 'The Test of Time' work.

Andaria Material Plane

Portals: Plane of Shadow, Ethereal Plane

Plane of Shadow

Portals: Elemental Plane of Fire, Elemental Plane of Earth

Ethereal Plane

Portals: Elemental Plane of Air, Elemental Plane of Water

Elemental Plane of Fire

Portals: The Green Hell, The Abyss, The Wasteland

Elemental Plane of Earth

Portals: The Wasteland, The Cave of Krilos, The Sea of Grass

Elemental Plane of Air

Portals: The Sea of Grass, The Floating Isles, The Windy Isles

Elemental Plane of Water

Portals: The Windy Isles, The Great Ocean, The Green Hell

The Abyss

A fiery Hell, see description.

The Wasteland

An endless desert, see description.

The Cave of Krilos

A plane of darkness and tunnels, see description.

The Sea of Grass

Endless hunting fields, see description.

The Floating Isles

Floating isles, lot's of birds, see description.

The Windy Isles

A Caribbean ocean, see description.

The Great Ocean

An endless sea without land, see description.

The Green Hell

A vile jungle plane, see description.

Positive Energy Plane

Home of Angels and Good beings, not actual visiting location.

Negative Energy Plane

Home of Devils, Demons and Evil beings, not actual visiting location.

Astral Plane

Connects all planes, not actual visiting location.

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