The Floating Isles (The Test of Time Supplement)

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An empty sky with naught but a few floating isles and castles on clouds, the wind is icy cold and pure, and although it gives no heat the sun shines mercilessly bright through the clouds

Home of the Aasimar and other Good aligned beings, the plane looks empty when viewed from afar except for a few rocks that float around with great cities on top of them. These cities are the fortresses of good and sanctuaries for all who do good, and function as a base of operations for the endless war against evil.

The inhabitants are very professional and constantly train and prepare for the big clash with the forces of evil, due to this fact there are a great many weapon and armor smiths around that produce high quality products.

Meta-game description: floating cities and questing paladins, that's what this plane is about. There is no evil here and thus this is the perfect place to heal your wounds and train your sword arm, just as long as your intentions are pure...

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