The Sea of Grass (The Test of Time Supplement)

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A pleasant blue sky with puffy clouds stretches out above you, while rolling hills and meadows stretch as far as the eye can see.

This is the place where the souls of good hunters go after they die, as long as they hunted fair and never intentionally harmed nature. Here they are rewarded with eternity hunting on herds so huge they stretch beyond the field of vision and food abundant as long as you are able to recognize it and willing to look for it.

Because of the nature of the plane and the fact only "good hunters" get to spend eternity here it is mainly populated by primitive cultures since these cultures usually have great respect for nature, and the only settlements are nomadic tent cities always occupied by less then 100 people. These settlements are few and far between and consist of all sorts of different creatures (there is almost no racism due to the fact that it takes a lot of dedication to become a hunter and show the respect to nature necessary to go to this plane, so everyone can respect the sacrifices and dedication of the other hunters). Furthermore the inhabitants are usually very lawful in there dealings with others.

Due to the fact the "tent cities" are nomadic and its inhabitants have eternity to spend there are quite a lot of "above-average" crafters but they only produce products made from natural material that can be found on the plane, example: the bone bow. (These bows are crafted from the bones of a large variety of bird and is extremely light and durable, the bows are known for being perfect for use on horseback)

Visitors from other planes are usually hunters that dream of hunting the beasts that inhabit these lands or ranged weapon specialists that seek to buy a "bone-bow". The inhabitants of the plane usually greet visitors with open arms, but if an visitor shows no respect for nature or the inhabitance they will react with great fury.

Meta-game description: "Indian eternal hunting grounds" meets "never ending story's Sea of Grass", extremely quiet and peaceful. All inhabitants strive to live as one with nature and have all the time in the universe.

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