Magic Items (Moon of Five Suns Supplement)

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Weapon Enhancements[edit]

Specific Weapons[edit]

Armor Enhancements[edit]

Specific Armor and Shields[edit]


Minor Artifacts[edit]

Minor artifacts are not necessarily unique items. Even so, they are magic items that no longer can be created, at least by common mortal means.

Minor Artifact Descriptions[edit]

Described below is a selection of the most well-known (not necessarily the most numerous) minor artifacts.

Major Artifacts[edit]

Major artifacts are unique items—only one of each such item exists. These are the most potent of magic items, capable of altering the balance of a campaign.

Unlike all other magic items, major artifacts are not easily destroyed. Each should have only a single, specific means of destruction.

Major Artifact Descriptions[edit]

Specific Cursed Items[edit]

Potions and Oils[edit]





Woundrous Items[edit]

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