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Bad Stuff Happens[edit]

In a DnD setting, bad things happen all the time. Collapsing caves while the party is in them, destructive magic rituals being performed, and all sorts of nasty things happen all the time. But what about the more mundane things?

This section is a description of the bad things that can normally happen by being hapless, careless, and generally unfortunate.

The following are either changes or additions to the dangers presented in the envrionment section of the SRD.



Instead of the usual hypothermia in the rules, a hypothermic character on the Moon is treated as both Exhausted and Nauseated. This means they move at only half speed; take a −6 penalty to both Strength and Dexterity; cannot attack, cast spells, concentrate on spells, or take any other action requiring attention; and can only take a single move action every turn.

To recover, the character must rest for a full two hours in a warm environment being tended medically or, in the lack of medical attention, must rest in a warm environment for a full four hours.

Moisture and Humidity[edit]

Crotch Rot[edit]

When exposed to stagnant humidity or moisture, a fungal infection in the groin area can occur which causes the skin to become red or brown and irritated, causing an itching or burning sensation. The skin often flakes, peels or cracks.

Crotch rot usually develops when tight, sweaty cloth rubs against the skin in the groin area, such as that of underwear during intense physical labor or of regular clothing in an extremely humid environment.

A character with crotch rot has difficulty walking or otherwise moving the area and the near regions. Unless a character succeeds on a DC 8 Fortitude save with each action that involves such movement, they are considered sickened until they have the opportunity to make the check again, which is usually during their turn in the next round. This save is made as a free action at the beginning of the character's turn.

There are antibiotic ointments that can be spread on the area to both prevent and treat crotch rot.


In humid and damp environments, or even when a character drinks too much too quickly, characters may become water-logged. This is a circumstance when the body is oversaturated with water, causing aching, lethargy, and sometimes nausea.

To begin with, a character that becomes water-logged is treated as being fatigued. This may be mistaken for tiredness, illness, or some other effect.

After a half an hour, if the character has continued to drink water at all or is still in an extremely humid and moist environment, the character must begin to make a Fortitude save every ten minutes against DC 12 or become nauseated and begin vomitting small amounts of water.

To cure water-logging, the character must move into a drier environment for at least a day, must eat large amounts of salt, or must pass a large amount of water (approximately one and a half to two gallons) out of their system by either urinating or vomitting it out.



Small rashes and cuts from moving in sand are to be expected, but after walking in clothing or armor with sand grating against your skin for hours a majority of skin begins to become irritated and painful.

When a character becomes chafed, they have a −4 penalty to Dexterity and a −2 penalty to attacks, AC, and concentration checks while still wearing the sandy armor or clothing. Removing the armor or clothing reduces the [[Dexterity penalty to −2.

The sand must be cleaned from the wounds before healing can occur, so another character must succeed on a DC 10 Heal check to assist the character in cleaning the sand out, a process which involves scrubbing the rashes and sores with a brush and rinsing with water, then potentially disinfecting it with alcohol or an antibiotic.

The cleaning process takes one hour, after which the penalty to attacks, AC, and concentration is removed. After two full days of recovery after the cleaning, the dexterity penalty is also removed and the character is no longer chafed.


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