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Class Selection[edit]

Class selection is important in a campaign, since having a party of three to six wizards is going to get one of those wizards killed very quickly, but having four healers will result in an imprgnable, but unthreatening, group. Collaboration with fellow players to select the appropriate classes to fill the needed role is vital.


There are several types of classe, based on what they do. Martial classes are made for fighter physically. Skillful classes are capable of using many skills to their advantage in every situation. Arcane classes cast arcane magic, and divine classes divine magic. Psionic classes use psionic in some way.


A party has roles that need to be filled to be effective in a campaign. Someone needs to be the muscle, there needs to be magic, there needs to be a healer, and there needs to be the skills. Other roles are the diplomat, figurehead and information gatherer of the party; thief, scout and acquisition specialist; and item maker, a magic user that focuses on making magic arms or wondrous items for the party. Many other roles exist to be filled, but are often capable of being filled in addition to other more vital roles.


The race of a character effects his propensity toward certain classes. For example, halflings are capable rogues, but pour fighters. Take in to account the optimal classes for your chosen race when selecting your role and your class.


Classes represent the inclinations and capabilities of a character. Some roles are better filled by some classes than by others. Once you are clear with what role or roles you wish to fill, take into account the roles each class is most suited to fill.

Source Key
Abbreviation Book
CAd Complete Adventurer
CAr Complete Arcane
CW Complete Warrior
Ds Dungeonscape
PHb Player's Handbook
UA Unearthed Arcana
XPH Expanded Psionics Handbook
Base Classes
Class Type Roles Source Description
Barbarian Martial Melee, Tank PHb A powerful, reckless warrior with an uncontrolled temper.
Barbarian, Totem Martial Melee, Tank UA Barbarian with a spiritual connection to a particular animal.
Bard Arcane Healing, Support PHb User of magic and player of songs, this class is for the learners of lore.
Bard, Divine Divine Healing, Support UA Bard who gain spells and magic power through a divine and sacred ritual.
Bard, Savage Arcane Healing, Support UA An uncivilized version of the Bard.
Bardic Sage Arcane Support, Healing UA Keepers and learners of knowledge and lore.
Cleric Divine, Martial Healing, Tank PHb Divine casters of magic sworn to serve a greater divine force who are also capable of defending themselves.
Cloistered Cleric Divine Healing UA Reclusive, well-learned casters of divine magics.
Druid Divine Healing, Melee, Support PHb Protectors of nature, strong support units and powerful fighter, they are capable of changing into animals they know.
Druidic Avenger Divine Melee, Healing, Support UA Druids seeking revenge for the wrongs wrought upon nature.
Factotum Varies Varies Ds Jacks of all trades, skillful in everything, master of nothing.
Fighter Martial Tank, Melee PHb Capable wielders of all weapons and fiercely trained warriors.
Fighter, Thug Martial Melee, Tank UA Street-smart fighters.
Hexblade Martial Melee CW Cursing swordsmen.
Jack of Clubs Martial Melee, Tank Homebrew Variant Fighter. Capable of wielding many different kinds of weapons.
Jack of Diamonds Skillful Item Creation Homebrew Masters of item-making.
Jack of Hearts Divine Healing Homebrew Very simple and straight-forward healers.
Jack of Spades Skillful Skills Homebrew Masters of tools and mechanics.
Monk Martial Tank, Skills PHb Unarmed fighter trained in the strict practices of self-control and combat.
Ninja Skillful Skills, Melee CAd Masters of stealth and silence.
Paladin of Freedom Martial, Divine Tank, Healing UA Protectors of freedom and righteousness.
Paladin of Honor Martial, Divine Tank, Healing PHb Followers of the divine, protectors of the people, the law, and the right.
Paladin of Slaughter Martial, Divine Tank, Melee UA Killers of innocents, advocates of evil.
Paladin of Tyranny Martial, Divine Tank, Melee UA Conquerors of nations and evil rulers.
Paladin, Spell-less Martial Tank, Healing CW Paladins that don't have the complication of spells to deal with.
Ranger Martial, Divine Melee, Scout PHb Wild protectors of the land and feirce fighters that tarin to kill specific creatures.
Ranger, Planar Martial, Divine Melee, Scout UA Rangers that travel the planes.
Ranger, Spell-less Martial Melee, Scout CW Rangers that don't have the complication of spells to deal with.
Ranger, Urban Martial, Divine Melee, Scout UA Rangers that travel the rooftops.
Rogue Skilled Skills, Melee PHb Tricky, shady characters with devious ways and itchy fingers.
Rogue, Wilderness Skilled Skills, Scout UA Rogue with a connection to nature.
Samurai Martial Melee CW Highly trained warriors of the ways of swordsmanship.
Scout Martial, Skillful Scout, Melee CAd Clever fighters that rely on mobility about the battlefield.
Sorcerer Arcane Casting PHb Magic users with an inherent, usualy untrained knack for spells.
Sorcerer, Battle Arcane, Martial Casting, Melee UA Powerful casters with an edge in physical combat fighting.
Spellthief Martial, Arcane Melee, Casting CAd Weak rogues that steal the magic of other spellcasters in addition to casting their own spells.
Swashbuckler Martials Melee CW Graceful and intelligent fighters that use their knowledge in combat.
Warlock Arcane Casting CAr Powerful wielders of magic that focus on damage and derive their powers from some demonic connection.
Wizard Arcane Casting, Item Making PHb Trained casters of magic who study tomes and scribe scrolls for spells.
Wizard, Domain Arcane Casting, Item Creation UA Trained casters of magic who study tomes and scribe scrolls for spells.
Wizard, Specialist Variants Arcane Casting, Item Making PHb Trained casters of magic who study tomes and scribe scrolls for spells.
Psionic Base Classes
Class Type Roles Source Description
Psion Psionic Manifesting XPH Powerful manifesters of thought, altering reality through force of mind.
Psychic Warrior Psionic Melee, Tank XPH Warriors that use psionics with their fighting.
Soulknife Psionic Melee XPH Manifesters of psionic swords used in combat.
Wilder Psionic Manifesting XPH Wielders of uncontrolled psionic power.
Prestige Classes
Class Type Roles Source Description
Arcane Archer Ranged, Arcane Archery DMG Capable archers who infuse their arrows with magic.
Arcane Trickster Skillful, Arcane Skills DMG Magical mischief-makers.
Archmage Arcane Casting DMG Masters of arcane magic.
Assassin Martial, Arcane Skills, Melee DMG Highly trained killers.
Blackguard Martial, Divine Melee, Tank DMG Evil knights, usually Ex-Paladins.
Dragon Disciple Arcane Melee DMG Worshippers of dragons, who desire to become like their idols.
Duelist Martial Melee DMG Graceful sword-wielders.
Dwarven Defender Martial Tank DMG Immovable and steadfast Dwarven warriors.
Eldritch Knight Martial, Arcane Magic, Melee DMG Blenders of martial prowess and magical skill.
Hierophant Divine Variable DMG Masters of divine magic.
Horizon Walker Martial Tank DMG Planar travels who gain abilties from the places they travel through.
Loremaster Varies Archery DMG Capable archers who infuse their arrows with magic.
Mystic Theurge Arcane and Divine Casting, Varies DMG A powerful user of both arcane and divine magics.
Shadowdancer Skillful Skills, Scout DMG Masters of shadows, hiding, and the unseen.
Thaumaturgist Varies Summoning DMG Masters of the summoning arts.
Psionic Prestige Classes
Class Type Roles Source Description
Cerebremancer Psionic, Arcane Manifesting and Casting XPH Crossover masters of both arcane magic and psionic powers.
Elocater Psionic, Martial Melee XPH Hyperconscious warriors that can float above the ground.
Metamind Psionic Manifesting XPH Powerful manifesters of psionic powers.
Psion Uncarnate Psionic Melee XPH Psions who become ethereal.
Psionic Fist Psionic Melee XPH Unarmed warrior that infuse their strikes with psionic force.
Pyrokineticist Psionic Manifesting XPH Psionic flamers.
Slayer Psionic Melee XPH Illithid slayers.
Thrallherd Psionic Leadership XPH Leaders of their own small armies.
War Mind Psionic Melee XPH Warriors who use psionics to gain great insight in battle.
Racial Paragon Classes
Class Type Source
Drow Paragon Paragon UA
Dwarf Paragon Paragon UA
Elf Paragon Paragon UA
Gnome Paragon Paragon UA
Half-Dragon Paragon Paragon UA
Half-Elf Paragon Paragon UA
Half-Orc Paragon Paragon UA
Halfling Paragon Paragon UA
Human Paragon Paragon UA
Orc Paragon Paragon UA
Tiefling Paragon Paragon UA

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