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Rules for Character Creation[edit]

Rolling Ability Scores[edit]

When rolling the ability scores for a new character, you must keep in mind that this campaign setting is home to powerful monsters, intense battles, governments in turmoil, and planes at war. The average player character must be powerfully prepared for these challenges; therefore, the standard system for rolling ability scores has been amped up.

  • Option 1: Roll 5d6 and drop the lowest two results for ability scores.
  • Option 2: Use a 48 point-buy system. (The elite array for this option is 18, 16, 16, 13, 13, 10)
  • Option 3: Use a 58 point-buy system. (The elite array for this option is 18, 18, 16, 16, 14, 14)

Option 1 is for powerful, randomly generated ability scores. This can be used for average campaigns using this setting.

Option 2 is for powerful, predictable ability scores. This can be used for moderately intense campaigns.

Option 3 is for very powerful, predictable ability scores. This can be used for very intense and challenging campaigns.

Remember to discuss the method by which your DM expects to have his players generate their ability scores. Do not use a method you DM does not specify can be used for his campaign. The option that will be used to generate ability sores should always be discussed before beginning to generate a character.

Advice on Character Creation[edit]

Suggestions for Alignment[edit]

While the Moon has all the standard alignments, this doesn't mean they have to have the same stereotypes as you expect from a normal DnD world. A Lawful Good Paladin may have a strict code to follow and be a protector of the people, but that doesn't mean he has to shove his code down everyone's throats. Chaotic Neutral doesn't need to be "LOL, It doesn't matter what I do, I can do anything", since your DM may decide there are limits even to your actions.

Be inventive, be willing to roleplay, and break the stereotypes of character creation that you may have learned. In this campaign anything is possible. ANYTHING

Final Notes[edit]

The Moon is only what you make it...and what it makes of you. Your character will be your connecting point into a world of amazement and adventure. Take a few steps during character creation to ensure that you'll be living your life to the max.

Take Advice[edit]

When creating your characters, you should understand what type of characters that the Dungeon Master wants in his game. This will help the DM get the genre and feel that he wants to present in the game. You will also create a character appropriate to the game before you. This should be your first step before deciding anything about your character.

Act Heroic[edit]

Dungeons & Dragons is an action oriented game. Your character will face a myriad of dangers. Your character must be willing to face those dangers. It is up to you to find that motivation for your character. Not all said dangers happen in battle, and keep this in mind when building your soon-to-be-hero.

Focus on the Party[edit]

The Moon is extremely large for a party of adventurers to go trouncing through, and even larger for just one person. Remember that your success can only be calculated in your party's overall success. Help others, help yourself, form bonds.

Back Story[edit]

Some back story is good for the character. Too much back story leaves your character nowhere to grow. The best back story is one that helps define your character, but still leaves you room to innovate about your character. Read up (or ask your Dungeon Master) about the Moon of Five Suns setting so you can have some grasp of where you character grew up and the environment he was nurtured in.

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