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Wizard Variant: Domain Wizard

A wizard who uses the arcane domain system (called a domain wizard) selects a specific arcane domain of spells, much like a cleric selects a pair of domains associated with his deity. A domain wizard cannot also be a specialist wizard; in exchange for the versatility given up by specializing in a domain instead of an entire school, the domain wizard casts her chosen spells with increased power.

Some of the arcane domains described below have the same name as a divine domain. Regardless of any apparent similarity, these domains have no connection to one another.

Class features

The domain wizard has all the standard wizard class features, except as noted below.

Arcane domain

At 1st level, a domain wizards selects an arcane domain from those listed below. (At the DM's discretion, the player might create an alternatively themed domain instead.) Once selected, the domain may never be changed.

A domain wizard casts spells from her chosen domain (regardless of whether the spell was prepared as a domain spell or a normal spell) as a caster one level higher than her normal domain. This bonus applies only to spells listed for the domain, not all spells of the school or subtype whose name matches the domain name.

In some cases, an arcane domain includes spells not normally on the wizard's class spell list. These spells are treated as being on the character's spell list (and thus she can use wands or arcane scrolls that hold those spells, or even prepare those spells in her normal wizard spell slots).


A domain wizard prepares and casts spells like a normal wizard. However, a domain wizard gains one bonus spell per spell level, which must be filled with the spell from that level of the domain spell list (or with a lower-level domain spell that has been altered with a metamagic feat).

No prohibited schools

Unlike a specialist wizard, a domain wizard need not select any prohibited schools or domains. All wizard spells are available to learn.

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