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Ring of Nine Facets: This ring is set with a gem of nine facets, each one in-scribed with a different incomprehensible rune. Each day at sunrise, the gem turns to display a different facet. The active facet determines the Ring's power for that day. Each day, roll 1d10 to determine which facet (and thus which power) is active.

1d10 Active Facet Power
1 Wearer is immune to disease
2 Wearer needs no air to survive
3 Wearer gains +5 natural armor bonus
4 Wearer gains low-light vision
5 Wearer gains fast healing 1
6 Wearer can fly at will
7 Wearer gains cold resistance 30
8 Wearer gains freedom of movement
9 Wearer gains +5 resistance bonus on saving throws
10 Wearer may select which facet is active

The wearer of the Ring can, with a great deal of mental exertion, attempt to change the active facet away from one he or she does not desire. This requires a full-round action and a Concentration check (DC 50), and deals 2d6 points of nonlethal damage regardless of success. If the save is successful, the new facet is determined randomly. If the Ring is removed, the former wearer takes 2d6 points of nonlethal damage each minute until it is replaced or until his or her nonlethal damage exceeds his or her current hit points (though the nonlethal damage resumes again immediately when the former wearer regains consciousness).

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