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Iron Gauntlet of War: The Gauntlet grants a +8 enhancement bonus to Strength. The wearer doubles the damage bonus on any smite attacks he or she makes. If the wearer has the Leadership feat, the wearer’s Leadership score increases by +4, but the wearer can never attract or keep followers or cohorts who are good or chaotic. Once per day, the wielder can use implosion as a 20th-level caster (DC 23). The Iron Gauntlet of War is intelligent (Int 13, Wis 18, Cha 24, Ego 26) and lawful evil. It can communicate telepathically with its wearer, though it cannot speak. It will always seek to dominate any wearer who isn’t lawful evil, forcing such an owner to commit lawful evil deeds (or else find a more suitable wearer).

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