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Harbinger: Sword of Destiny

Harbinger: The Harbringer is a +6 Masterwork Mithral Greater Spell-catching Projected Burst Greatsword of Speed.

Stop! Don't touch it... If you use that sword, you'll become destined for greatness, and a force to be reckoned with, it is true, but... you will not be you anymore, just the legend it begets.
—The forgotten hero of the Halimedan Campaign, In Service to the Gods

Truly a rare weapon, the Harbinger is a masterpiece of a sword, and is an artifact associated with Fate, the Goddess of Time, Myth, and Destiny. Living up to it's title, those who wield the weapon are destined for great things. The power that it wields and it's unmistakable appearance ensure that it's wielder will soon become a legend as well, though as a hero or a tyrant is entirely up to fate. The same is the case for owner of the weapon, seemingly always guided by Fate's own hand to find the sword, almost entirely barring chance-encounters.

Made of finely crafted Mithral, the sword enjoys a light weight, uncanny for it's size, and the detailing of the cross-guard make it stand out even more, depictions of an ornate clock-hand along the fine silver trim. While not visible to the human eye, when subjected to magic, various names appear along the blade, being the inscribed names of previous owners of the weapon. These can also be seen with a Detect magic spell, as the weapon is compelled by an enigmatic force to inscribe the names, itself, rather than the owners or a group of people. If observed in this way, it does not affect the duration or cost of the spell, if that would be considered normally. The number of names listed on the blade seems to never be a problem, as the inscriptions are able to be manipulated upon each new entry, size or shape considered.

Almost as if it were a cursed weapon, however, the drawback of using the Harbinger is that it warps the user's place in time and history, therefore creating a distortion which essentially makes others, even those who interact on a daily basis with the user for a significant amount of time, unable to remember their name or face. Their actions, for good or bad, are remembered, but will never again be part of their personal legacy.

The Legend

Per DM Discretion, it is encouraged for anyone who uses this weapon in any campaign, to add the using character's name to the following list of names, as they, with hope, will be the ones that appear if ever made seen by magic or Detect Magic spells.

Also at DM discretion, the sword, when enough names have been added, whether from the following list, or a modified, campaign-historically accurate list, the sword can gain an +1 Enhancement bonus for every 10 names listed on the blade, as well as another 1000 gold pieces in value. History is priceless, after all.

Those Inscribed:

Oberon Gefallen
Sylas Cooper Jr.

CL ; ; Weight: 4 lb.

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