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Techniques are a variety of benefits used to customize your Future character.

  • You gain one Technique at 1st, 4th and 8th levels.
  • Each Technique has a power source: Fusion, Bio or Psi.
  • Each Technique has a benefit, and some have powers.


Some Technique may have an "Overcharge". You may try and boost the effectiveness of these techniques at the risk of the technique going awry. The overcharge entry indicates when you can overcharge; unless otherwise stated in the description, overcharging a technique is a free action that you can declare at the indicated time. Once you overcharge a technique you cannot do so again until you take an extended rest. To overcharge, roll a d20. The technique's description indicates the effect that occurs as a result of the d20 roll. Usually, a result of 10 or higher is a successful overcharge (and an increased effect), and a result of 9 or lower incurs a penalty or condition that is applied to you. If you attempt to overcharge an attack power and fail, the power still works normally, and then you suffer the negative effect.

Your primary origin might give you a bonus to overcharging techniques of a certain power source.

Gaining a Technique[edit]

Not all techniques are equal. Some are basic, some are powerful. Therefore the method for gaining a technique is semi-random.

At 1st, 4th and 8th levels, roll twice on the Techniques list below. You may select one of the results to be your new Technique.


Every time you level up, you may retrain one of your Techniques, giving you opportunity to dispense with one you might be dissatisfied with. To retrain a Technique, permanently remove it from your character and gain a new one using the semi-random method described above.


  1. Adrenalin Surge
  2. Contract Sniper
  3. Cyber Arms
  4. Cyber Brain
  5. Cyber Eyes
  6. Cyber Frame
  7. Cyber Glands
  8. Cyber Heart
  9. Cyber Legs
  10. Damdiga
  11. Gibarta
  12. Growth
  13. Laser Eyes
  14. Metal Skin
  15. Noszonde
  16. Preflexes
  17. Rafoie
  18. Resta
  19. Second Heart
  20. Shrink
  21. Wound Healing Cascade

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