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You can get smaller.
Benefit: You can use Shrink as an encounter power.

Overcharge: When you are hit by a melee attack whilst under the effect of the shrink power, you can roll a d20.
10+: The attack misses and you may shift your speed. During this movement you may pass through squares occupied by enemies.
9 or less: You are knocked prone.

Shrink Bio Technique
Small size is the best size for duct-crawling, tree-climbing and running between your enemy's legs.
Encounter Star.gif Bio
Minor Action Personal
Effect: You, your armor and your worn items become Small-sized until the end of the encounter. While you are Small, you gain a +4 power bonus to Reflex and Stealth and your climb speed is equal to your speed. Your weapons remain Medium-sized, and your accuracy bonus for such weapons drops to +0. You may wield a one-handed weapon in both hands without penalty to accuracy.

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