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4e Future is a sourcebook for D&D 4e that takes some concepts from Gamma World, for running science fantasy campaigns set in the near future. In particular, it takes inspiration from videogames such as Captain Commando and Phantasy Star.


Use the rules for D&D 4e, with the following changes:

  • Player Creation uses Origins: Characters are created by selecting two Origins, rather than Race and Class.
  • 10 Level Progression: Play progress through levels 1 to 10; PCs do not pick prestige classes, epic destinies or receive ability score bonuses from level.
  • Bonuses are Equal to Level: Attacks, defenses, initiative and skills add a characters full level instead of 1/2 level. For example, a 5th level character with a Strength of 18 has an attack bonus of +9 (not +6). This can be considered an "inherent bonus" over D&D, due to the absence of enchantment bonuses and feats. Note that Power descriptions explicitly state "modifier + your level".
  • No Surges: Future does not use healing surges or daily powers: During combat, a second wind can be taken as a minor action (instead of standard) and restores hit points equal to a character's bloodied value (instead of half bloodied value).
    • Short Rests: Characters may heal back to their full Hit Point value and recharge all their Encounter powers.
    • Extended Rests: As short rest, but is required for a character to level up.
  • No action points, feats or languages. The customization offered by feats in D&D is partially replicated in the abiltiy to modify weapons and armor.
  • No magic items, but players may be granted or find Prototypes. Like magic items, prototypes have unique effects, but do not have enchantment bonuses.
  • Economy uses Credits instead of Gold Coins, and items of equipment have an associated level (that represents rarity and cost, not technological level)
  • Shields grant AC bonus but not Reflex bonus.

Character Creation[edit]

To create your Future character, go through the Character Creation Guide.

Notes for DMs[edit]

Future campaigns differ from 4e campaigns in their damage types, power sources, creature origins and types, equipment and treasure parcels.

See the Future Dungeon Master's Guide for more information.


See Future (4e Sourcebook)/Settings for guidelines on making your own.



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